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Good day to all. I am Irish S. Nuesca. 25 years of age. I lived in Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines. I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage V secondary to Chronic Glomerulonephritis.

Back then, I smile in the streets, making laughter within my friends and family, even aiming high for academe. I honestly describe myself as an energetic and passionate about my studies before the disease came into my body.

In 2017, in my college years, I frequently felt dizzy and an oozing pain of headache which I thought is a normal migraine. Palms and feet that's pale that I thought is just an anemic thing. That's why I had thought that it's just a less significant pain that happens normally when you're at stressed and tired. When our second semester end, I went home to our house. Then, unanticipated situation came. I suddenly had a fever where my temperature goes up and doesn't go down. I am also vomiting and having diarrhea. Till I ended up in the hospital the doctor saying it's to late.

Depressed, unwanted to make communications, my dreams abandoned, financial lost. These are the things that circulates into my mind. Crying with help, that I can go back where my kidneys playing it's role.

In January 15, 2021, I was rushed to the hospital for the first time. This is very difficult for me because there is COVID Pandemic at that time. My hemoglobin suddenly dropped to 3.8 because I bled a lot during my menstruation. I was admitted and received a blood transfusion.

In January 23, 2021, I was rushed again to the hospital for the second time due to pulmonary congestion. I was coughing and having trouble breathing during my dialysis treatment. So my doctor suspected me I have Covid 19. She said that I need to be admitted to the hospital immediately. So she gave me a referral and a request for RT-PCR test. Forunately, my result was negative.

In February 26, 2022, I was rushed again to the hospital for the third time because my hemoglobin dropped again to 7.6. I was admitted and received blood transfusion again.

In April 27, 2022, I was rushed again to the hospital for the fourth time because my fistula swelled up so they inserted Ij catheter for temporary so that I have access to my dialysis treatment.

In May 31, 2022, I was rushed again to the hospital or the fifth time due to pulmonary edema/congestion

Last december 19, 2022, while I'm on my dialysis treatment, my left side of my body hurts. I cannot move my legs and my head is aching. So I was rushed immediately to the hospital. The doctor's diagnosis to me was that I had a mild stroke. So I was admitted for almost 1 month there. Then I got pneumonia so they had to moved me to another room. My hemoglobin dropped again and received a blood transfusion.

Just a few days after we got home from the hospital. My fistula hurts and the pain is unbearable. I cannot moved easily and sleep well. I am crying in pain. I was rushed immediately to the hospital again. The doctor said that my fistula is no longer working so they had to insert an IJ catheter so that I can continue my dialysis. The vascular surgeon decided to removed the clotted vein so I undergo excision of ecstatic vein under general anesthesia. The operation was successful. After that, I suddenly had a seizure. My legs are shaking and in pain also. So I was referred to a neurologist and she suggested a cranial CT Scan to check if my previous stroke has anything to do with it. After the result came out, the neuro said that I after the results came out, the doctor said what happened to me was a focal seizure.

I've been almost in hemodialysis for almost 6 years, I have no idea how much this hurts. My blood is drained from my body swapped with cleaned blood. It's not that I just feel week, I'm in a terrible mood as well. It is sad to know that a machine is keeping me alive.

While in the hospital and after my fistula failed. I decided to shift on Peritoneal dialysis. So I talked to the doctor. I just started Peritoneal Dialysis in February 04, 2023 until now.

I am knocking on your kind hearts and asking for help for my Kidney Transplant that will cost a big. My family were financially unstable. I really want to continue my everyday life longer and finish my study. I want to fulfill my dreams and help my family as well. I highly appreciated your help and it's a big help for me and for my family. Thank you for your support and God bless you all.

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GCash: Number: 09683222214 Name: Joselito Nuesca

Jeremiah 33:6 KJV

Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth.



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  • happy to help! Get well soon my dearest. ❤️


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  • happy to help! Get well soon my dearest. ❤️



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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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