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Hello, i'm Shaas from Malaysia. Recently i have got a big big big problem. For your information, i'm a 25 years old girl who just end my study two years ago. My life is not stable yet. I just working as a shop assistant since no big company will hire me as a worker yet. Beside that i'm running a small online business in shopping app, and also have another small printing business. But i'm still struggling in my business and i think it's not a shameful thing to say that my salary for one month is just about 260usd ( working salary + business salary). And with that money i also help my family and paying study debt.

The problem i had is : I usually go to work by bus or my dad will send me along his way to go to work. But one day he ask me to drive my brother's car go to work because he can't send me. At that day my dad was busy working. My dad's salary also just around 300usd and he still need to pay for home and food . In his age of 60 years old, he also had to bear my younger sisters' money and needy because they are still study in colleges. Usually we'll share money and support each other to survive our lives.

At that day, i drive my brother's car to work. I don't even remember that the road tax of the car already reach expire date. When i was driving to work, there was a roadblock on my way and i didn't see any other way to run from the roadblock when i remember about the car's road tax. Actually my brother was in the process to get a new roadtax for the car. But he still didn't receive the new road tax yet.

Unfortunately the polices on the roadblock saw the car's roadtax and they blocked me. They asked me to stop beside the road and get out from the car. And after some time they checked the car, they told me that i'm using a clone car, a clone roadtax and it's a car from outside from my country!!

I was shock because i don't know anything about the car. Before this another police ever checked the car but they never told that my father or brother that the car is a clone car. At first i thought the police on the roadblock made a joke or tease me.But when one of them angry to me, i just realise that it is actually true.

Then I was brought to the transport department like a criminal eventhough i said many times to them that i don't know anything about the car. The polices there didn't trust me. They scold while investigating me. They ask me everything they could to get information from me about the car. Luckily after some investigation they made, they said that the clone car is not a larceny case. They asked me to take responsibility for that case.

I must take the blame because i was the one who driving the car even i'm not the owner or the buyer of the car. I asked my brother for help. Then from there he told me that he never bought that car. But the car was given by his old friend. Actually then i know that his friend gave the car to my brother to be used by my family since our life was very tough at that time and don't have any transport. My brother didn't think ask anything because of his friend's kind intention. But just now my brother know about the 'true identity' of the car. He's so regret for accepting that car without ask for grant or anything because he thought his friend own the car from early. But his friend acknowledge that he also don't know about the car since he bought it from another person with cheap price and without the grants. Now when thing turn out like this, everybody don't want to take the blame including my brother's friend. See?

I'm the one who convicted with that fault. And by following the law, the police claim me to pay penalties for all the mistakes ! The total of penalties that iI should pay is 3100usd. If I fail to pay the penalties, the other penalty for me to take responsibility is going to the jail for few years. If you see in the paper above, i must go to court on this May. But the polices said i still can extend the period to pay the penalty if i don't have enough money. But i need to see them and begging to them at their office. They can extend the period but nor for too long.

I'm crying every night thinking of this problem. Where should i find the money to pay the penalty? I'm just 25 years old. My life is just begin. But what happened to me? I must live in the jail even i'm not the one who commit wrong things? I'm not even a criminal. I live peacefully, never steals, never hurt or hitting anybody. And i alwasy be careful using my words because i hate deception.

How many times should i beg and state clearly to the police that i dont know anything about the clone car. But as usual in this world that is not fair, i think juctice is not exist for me! Please help me. Non of my family member can lend me a help because they also struggling with life with small salary. Even my brother's friend also don't want to help. Please before i'm going insane with this, PLEASE help me. I still have dream to achieve, i'm saving money to expand my business. I work and work. Please lend me a help and pray for me. If some day i can achieve dreams, i swear that i will fund another persons that need help.

We believe in karma, aren't we? What you give, you'll get back. I'm sure if "you" help me even i don't know "you", God also will help you in many ways with your problems. Maybe your problem is not about money, maybe about love, about children, about broken heart - from the miracle of GOD, your problem will be cured. Yes, the miracle that you're waiting for will come to you. Do you care if someone who not commit crime go to jail? If you care, please help me. And I also believe that God will give miracle to me too through people like you. I'm counting on you. Thanks and much love from me.



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Mar 11


Update posted by Shaas Em at 03:56 pm

I''m sorry because i was mistake about the date. The penalties is actually should be paid on this early May when i'm going to court. Please help me. Thank you.

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