Hi, my name is Andrew. I really need YOU to help me today. I am a photojournalist from Europe, I’ve been doing it for over a decade. I dedicated my life and work to animals, exposing the truth behind factory farm walls. In my life I have seen a lot of suffering, injustice, and pain. I visited hatcheries, where one day old chicks are suffocated to death in plastic bags. I’ve seen piglets having their tails cut off without any anaesthesia. I’ve seen laying hens so exhausted and exploited they were barely breathing. I’ve heard screams of the calves taken away from their mothers within minutes after birth. I’ve helped foxes and minks with open wounds, stereotypy and lacking limbs. Often I work in difficult conditions, mostly at night. I take risks, but I know it’s worth it – this is the only way I can expose what’s behind the high walls of factory farms. I’ve been to hell and I keep going back. Now I need your help to reveal next secrets of this cruel industry. In order to work even better, I really need to upgrade my equipment and add to it a drone – DJI MAVIC 2 PRO. Adding this particular drone to my equipment will allow me to take better photos and document even more of the horrific practices used towards animals. The farmers try very hard to cover up what is done to the animals. The drone makes it possible for me to show the … Continue reading HELP ME FIGHT FOR THE ANIMALS | Drone Fundraiser