Help me buy food and supplies for refugees in Greece

How often do you turn on the news, see the terrible atrocities happening in the world, and feel helpless? Do you share posts and videos on social media, and wish you could do something more REAL, more powerful, but you don’t know where to start? I felt that way too. So when I was offered to be a part of the solution, in a small but significant way, I jumped at the chance. Together with a team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, naturopaths and nutritionists, I will be making my way to Greece in February 2017 to work with Syrian refugees. The refugee camps are going to be confronting and overcrowded. We will be dealing with malnutrition, trauma, and a vast array of illness and disease. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of my friends, family and online community, the travel expenses for my trip to Greece were 100% crowdfunded in November… and I’m leaving soon! I will meet up with my team in Athens on the 7th February, and from there a group of us will travel north to Ritsona, where there are thousands of refugees waiting for us to lend a hand. This is where YOU come in. Right now, most of the refugees are living on meagre rations. As a result, many of the refugees are malnourished and suffering from nutrient deficiencies and preventable illnesses. Once I’m there, I want to be able to leave the camps, buy fresh produce from the local Greek stores and markets, purchase any … Continue reading Help me buy food and supplies for refugees in Greece