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My daughter, Maxine, has been the picture of health until 2020.

She is an incredible 22 year old who is supposed to be enjoying college, outing with friends, and making memories that she can laugh about later. Instead she has been battling diffused large B cell lymphoma (NHL DLBCL) since June 2020.

In the midst of a global pandemic, she was in pain. At first it was just a cough that won’t go away. And then she started having chest and back pain. By April, because of the Covid virus we had trouble going to hospital even just for an ordinary check-up but we were able to find a clinic that accommodated her and had her chest X-ray taken. We were referred to a lung specialist because of the result of her xray. We are thankful that by early May with the help of a good samaritan, he was able to refer us to his colleague who is also a doctor. We got an appointment for her, the doctor requested for a CT Scan and then a CT Core Biopsy for the lump that was seen on the CT scan result. The doctors requested for a Immunohistochemisty test to see if is cancerous or not. The result was Non-Hodgkin B Cell Lymphoma (consider a diffuse large B cell lymphoma). It was a sad and a heartbreaking day for us but our hopes are high that she can beat the big C.

We were referred to an oncologist who explained everything to us. Our oncologist is from Lung Center of the Phils, Maxine is an out patient. By June she informed us the treatment protocol and that Maxine will need to receive chemotherapy in order to treat this aggressively. There is no worse time to be diagnosed with an illness than when there’s a pandemic in the air, however critical you are, your condition will always be sidelined, be it in healthcare or in healthcare funding. If one does not have the funds, one is faced with the choice of losing a love one or bankruptcy.

Maxine’s treatment protocol is chemotherapy every 21 days, her protocol is RCHOP. One of her medicine, RITUXIMAB, which is a monoclonal antibody that targets C20 antigen. It cost 55k for one vial, that doesn’t include the price for CHOP medicines. Laboratories, hospital bills and doctors fee are not yet included. She was required to have 6 cycles three weeks apart. After the chemo, there would still be post lab procedures to check if the medication is effective.

Maxine has finished 6 cycles of RCHOP treatment but after her last CT Scan last month the doctor informed us that she need at least 3 more cycles because of the size of her mass on the chest and other mass on her liver. Her oncologist is more concern with the liver because it can't be treated with radiation. After she finish her chemo cycles she is required to have a PET Scan rather than a CT Scan, a PET scan can definitely show if the lymphoma is still active because it reveals chemical activity within tissues and organs. PET scan cost around 65k. Her oncologist also informed us that she may have to undergo a Radiation therapy after finishing her chemotherapy if there's still a tumor mass left.

As we all know, chemo treatment can financially burden a person or family for life especially here in the Philippines. We have already reached to family and friends but the continuous treatments are very costly and by raising funds through gogetfunding as our last option.

Please help us fight the big C that takes a toll on the best of us. I know Maxine is strong, but please help her to be stronger. Any amount is most welcome and we would be grateful for any help and support you are able to provide and also keep my daughter Maxine Rhaine in your prayers.

Thank you so much for your time. Updates will be posted here.

You may also send your help directly to her bank account:



Mar 16

Chemo treatment update

Update posted by Clarissa Mesina at 07:56 am

Hi everyone! Just a quick update.. Maxine had her 7th chemo yesterday, her treatment protocol is RCHOP but she only had CHOP yesterday because we wasn't able to come up with the amount for Rituximab. We told her doctor that we can't afford the said med and her doctor was. . . . .

See update

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raised of ₱350,000.00 goal
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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities