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Update posted by Klien William Navarro On Feb 12, 2019

February 11, 2019

A few moments after the tubes were plugged in to her sides connecting an empty pitcher and both my mom's lungs, she had to be administered with a pain reliever called Tramadol.

Unfortunately, one of the side effects of the drug is it makes the patient high and numb. For my mom, the drug seemed to be affecting her too much--she became unresponsive and immobile like a patient suffering from stroke. At first, I thought her sugar level went below normal (hypoglycemia) same as when I first brought her to the hospital almost a year ago. So I asked one of the nurses to identify her current blood sugar level and see if we can remedy her back to her usual state; until one of her attending doctors advised it might have been caused by the Tramadol drug. So we settled down and waited for her to recover.

A few hours later, her dialysis schedule came. Lying on her hospital bed, my mom was brought to the Renal Section of the institution for the procedure. While the Renal nurse was preparing the machine and readied her IV, one of the tubes attached to a vein in her neck malfunctioned and blood leaked from where the entire tube was inserted. Renal doctors arrived and, while fixing the IV, my mom's BP became fluctuating and unstable, and her body's Oxygen level depleted to its lowest yet.

More doctors rushed in to help my mom recover but to no avail.

To cut the story short, my mom was advised to be brought to the ICU for close monitoring. She was incubated while waiting for 6 other ICU patients on queue ahead.

Our partial bill before all of these happened was already at Php 75,000. Every day at the ICU would cost us a minimum of Php 20,000 exclusive of the professional fees by the attending physicians and medications to be administered. Her patient's account has been exhausted which means, all future expenses should be paid cash-out.

We only have Php 1,000 left to spend inclusive of our meals which we, right now, might have to compromise for any possible expenses what ever this meager amount can cover.

All help has been exhausted. Aside from the help I'm currently positively hoping for from our local politicians, we've got nothing else left but to hope for a miracle to come.

I was hoping a part of this miracle would come from strangers. As desperate and helpless as I may sound, I am hoping that in the short duration my mom and I have left to spend together with, we'd both be able to spend it at home where we can both properly have a quality moment together. Even if this quality moment would mean tears and unreciprocated conversations.

Help me get my mom back to our house. 😔 Please?

UPDATE AT 10:30am, February 13, 2019:

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Update posted by Klien William Navarro On Feb 11, 2019

Hello, everyone.

My mother has been lying on her hospital bed for over a week now.

Just yesterday, two tubes have been attached on both her lungs as easy exits for the water from her body. This is to help her breathe easier, and at the same time, extract the water that's been trapped within the walls of her lungs for 5 months now.

She got better at breathing, however, our initial bill rose to Php 75,000 already and we only have Php 10,000 all our cash combined. The government-operated health insurance—Philhealth—can only cover Php 20,000 of the bill, which means, we still need at least Php 45,000 to cover just the initial bill. My mom is still in the hospital which equates to our bill rising until the doctor orders for her to be discharged.

Again, we badly need help and we don't have any other option but to, at least, try to look for it from strangers with kindred hearts.

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Update posted by Klien William Navarro On Jan 10, 2019

It's more than a month since I posted this Fund Raising campaign for my mom and since then, she's been admitted twice already.

Today, she's back at the hospital due to a couple of complications including heart problems, and I'm afraid we are needing more help than ever.

For the kind-hearted people, we are in dire need of support and any kind or amount of help will really impact our family big time.

Thank you so much!

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