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We are here to tell you a story about one very special place. This place is called Piramide Mandango in the Sacred Valley of Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

This structure has been built to scale and in alignment with the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, the gold standard for Pyramids around the world, and it was inaugurated on the 21st December 2012.

What is so unique about the shape of the pyramid, is that it is a resonance chamber, amplifying or dispersing the energy. It attracts positive energy and can transmute chaotic energy to be more in harmony with sacred geometry.

Our Pyramid is extra special; it is built on a strong energy center, on the slopes of a Sacred Mountain called Mandango in the southern Andes of Ecuador. The geological structure of the surrounding peaks contains quartz and many other precious stones. Five clear, mineral rich mountain rivers flow from the Podocarpus National Park and meet in the Valley below. Many ancient cultures have built pyramids, all over the world, for their ability to transform energy, we are following that tradition.

Vilcabamba valley was originally a retreat for Inca rulers and it became known as the ‘Playground of the Inca’. Inca royals travelled to the valley to renew their health and no wonder - Vilcabamba is blessed with pristine water, pure air, rich soil, and a stable Spring-like climate, where fruits and vegetables thrive all year round.

Countless species of medicinal plants like the local Huilco tree and San Pedro cactus grow here in abundance. This area is considered sacred by indigenous tribes, who use a word 'Apu' to describe a spirit of a mountain. Mandango Mountain, when seen in profile it looks like a Sleeping Incan God, it is said that this is a very strong masculine Apu and he is a guardian of this land.

The Pyramid itself is influenced by this special environment, as it is made out of natural materials, surrounded by mountain woods and semi open to the elements. This place is loved by wild creatures and humans alike. On the land around the Pyramid there are rabbit, fox, deer, guanchaca (local species of opossum) and many species of birds and insects.

The Mandango Pyramid is perfect to support processes of transformation and healing and this is exactly what it is being used for; events like solstice and equinox ceremonies, new and full moon celebrations, yoga and qi gong classes, meditation, breath-work and women's circles happen here on a regular basis. Indigenous shaman from all over Ecuador have held ceremonies at the Pyramid; we are a unique location committed to integrating ancestral and traditional practices with alternative healing modalities from all over the world. This is truly where the eagle and condor dance together.

Now the Pyramid needs some love and care!

After 9 years the natural build is slowly disintegrating back into nature... which is wonderful representing impermanence and constant change taking place everywhere... but it is not very practical!!

The earthen floor reacts to the humidity of the seasons and is peeling and creating dust!... sweeping the floor is almost pointless... The roof requires periodic patching during rainy season and when it leaks, the drops make holes in the floor.

The dry season has brought intense winds this year, we see the roof damage already and know when the rains come in 3 months, the Pyramid will likely become unusable. The time is NOW, to effect repairs.

We have a passion to expand and transform this special place to the level it has never been before. With your help we will to lay a new wooden floor and a bamboo roof. We will make it a cosy and comfortable place with seating, cushions and better lighting.

We want to see our Pyramid as a sacred space that feels safe and comfortable, a place you can melt into with ease and trust, a place which welcomes the totality of you - always, a place of deep meditation and peace as well as a place to stomp your feet and feel alive.

With the gift of your energy, Pyramide Mandango will receive a well deserved upgrade. With the improvements we choose to implement, this place will be able to host dance and theater events, sound baths, ceremonies, workshops and all transformational activities easily and comfortably.

We could be perceived as quite a strange bunch, but in fact in the magical village of Vilcabamba we fit in quite well. We call ourselves the Hill Tribe and love our little community. We are close friends who coexist and co-create with joy and harmony.

While birthing this fundraising project we had an honor and total pleasure of working with the finest of local talent. These guys are bad-ass at what they do, each in their own area of professional expertise, giving of their time freely for this project.

For those who would like to devote 9:19 minutes of their life, appreciate visual beauty, learn more about the Pyramid and the Hill Tribe, here is a longer version of the video we made:

The new floor and roof will be sourced and installed by the professional local builder, neighbor and long time friend - Jorge Dominguez. He and his wife Nancy have lived on the land for years and contributed greatly to its evolution from the dry barren scrubland into the garden paradise it is today. Jorge's passion is sustainable and natural building work and we are blessed to be able to benefit from his skills and energy.

Transparency is very important to us, so here is a breakdown of where your funds will go:

New Floor (wood) $3000 ($2000 materials + $1000 labour)
New Roof (bamboo) $4500 ($2000 materials + $2500 labour)
Fundraising Team
Symbolic Reciprocation
$1500 Kristina $555, Ula $369, Rebecca $222,
Boris $118, Jiminy $118, Daniel $118
Furniture $1000

As we cultivate a spirit of reciprocity, abundance and fair exchange here at the Pyramid, we have decided to reward our fundraising team with symbolic financial gift, divided according to amount of hours spent on getting this project off the ground.

We are calling YOU to support Piramide Mandango to become the best version of itself and witness it shining like never before. There is a very special community of people who come to the Pyramid. We see up to 150 people per month, both foreigners and locals alike. This number is on the rise proving that people need this space more than ever! We work for the benefit of the local community and highest and best of ALL BEINGS!

This is a time when it is so important to bring the community together!!

This is a time to support healing and transformation of Humanity!!

This is a time to acknowledge, activate and utilize the sacred power centers on the Earth to bring more light into the world!! Can you hear your heart whispering a sweet YES to this idea?...

Fundraising Team

Pyramid Co-progenitor

Pyramid Co-progenitor

  • Ula (oolah) Bliss
  • Fund raising manager


  • Brett Randell
  • Donated on Mar 17, 2022
  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Nov 20, 2021
  • May this place flourish. We are all interconnected. Together we are raising the frequencies of our Mother Gaia and the human consciousness 🙏🏼🌎❤️

Feb 22


Update posted by Daniel Pugh at 03:54 am

Hola Friends,A wee update to let you know your kind donation has supported the installation of a new tile floor that is proving both practical and popular... it features a flower of life mandala right below the apex of the Pyramid, created by local artisan Miguel Hill. We decided to. . . . .

See update

Donors & Comments

22 donors
  • Brett Randell
  • Donated on Mar 17, 2022
  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Nov 20, 2021
  • May this place flourish. We are all interconnected. Together we are raising the frequencies of our Mother Gaia and the human consciousness 🙏🏼🌎❤️

  • Emily Denny
  • Donated on Nov 19, 2021
  • Looks like a beautiful space wishing you all well xxx

  • Carol Le quesne
  • Donated on Nov 19, 2021
  • Amazing work x

Amount Hidden
  • Janicke Michel
  • Donated on Nov 19, 2021
  • Sending so much love and intentions for your magical project. I’m sowing some travelling seeds at the moment, and would absolutely love if the universe decided to lay my path out to come your way. We can feel your work over here on our tiny lil rock, and will continue to join in creating this universal energy. Love and blessings from Jersey 🙌🏼♥️🙌🏼

  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Sep 27, 2021
  • nick clifford
  • Donated on Sep 23, 2021
  • tell Rebecca, Nick (from Anarchapulco) says hi ...💕

  • Cara C
  • Donated on Aug 19, 2021
  • Long live Pyramide Mandango!!!

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