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Update posted by Alicia Ann Ramadhin On May 26, 2020

Today was an incredibly busy day for Kubo. He checked his appointment schedule early this morning and saw that he had many fans looking for him so he took some time to respond to them all on social media.

Kubo is doing fairly well, but we are a little worried about how much water he is drinking and how often he is using the litter box. We have spoken to his wonderful veterinarian and since we are seeing her this week anyway for his 4 week check up (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!), we will also be checking his kidney and liver function at the same time. To add to that stress somewhat, we are still waiting for one of our shipments, that contains 10 vials of treatment for Kubo, to clear from customs. Which brings me to my next point.

Please be patient and kind when you interact with us. I am doing my very best for my little warrior Kubo and I can guarantee you, I would move mountains for him if I needed to, but I am also only human.

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Update posted by Alicia Ann Ramadhin On May 25, 2020

I hand made chicken heart puree and it was a winner today along with Kubo's flavour of the week; a locally made, vet brand of food, that Squirrel the cat's humans gave us because Squirrel was too posh to eat it. OH MY GOODNESS, Kubo was a complete hog about it. He didn't know what to concentrate on eating. He inhaled some pellets then he smashed his face into the puree, then remembered the pellets and inhaled it again. He didn't even realise that I injected him and actually stopped half way through his gluttonous escapade to look if I'd injected him yet (I had already, AGES ago).

Of course eating is hard work, and sleeping must follow, but do not for one moment think, that sleeping can happen alone, while others choose to work... No, no. While trying to get some work done, Kubo decided the best place to be, was on top of his humans warm hand, so of course Kubo gets, what Kubo wants, and work can wait until Kubo has had his time with his human.

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Update posted by Alicia Ann Ramadhin On May 22, 2020

As Autumn (Fall) moves out and Winter creeps in, it's been quite cold in our house. Kubo decided he had had enough of Ava hogging the only small heater we have and me mollycoddling him, so he decided to go to his place of solitude to sun himself, the roof.

Today was a slow day, and we like it that way. The injection went well tonight, despite Kubo being suspicious of us, we got away unscathed. I hope that this good streak continues for a little while longer (I might even push my luck and hope for 62 days longer), but we appreciate every day for what it is, a day with Kubo that we didn't think we would have.

#WarriorKubo #FelineInfectiousPeritonitis #FIP #FIPWarrior #CureKubo

Please continue to support Quixote's Quest C4C

as they continue help our Kubo, and many other cats, fund their FIP treatment by hand making beautiful bracelets for a minimum contribution of just $15 USD, you can even special request one.

If you would like to contribute, you can on:

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Update posted by Alicia Ann Ramadhin On May 14, 2020

We're two weeks in and look how amazing Kubo is looking! He becomes a little more himself every single day, and I am so thankful that I found out about the treatment, a supportive group and an amazing veterinarian!

Today we are slightly short on his medication because some of Kubo's medicine is still stuck in transit and some is stuck at customs, so I am driving out just now to go fetch a few extra ml's of treatment from the people who have sold us all our initial doses to start treating Kubo.

We appreciate all the help we have received thus far and would be so grateful if you could help us afford a few more doses for Kubo so that we can ship all of his required doses for the remaining 70 days of treatment and not risk running out due to shipping difficulties. The treatment is already helping him so much and seeing him in the beginning stages of wanting to play again is absolutely heartwarming!

We received no new donations since the last update, so do not have a new amount to announce, however we managed to sell a few things and have reached a point where we need to raise approximately 1000 USD to purchase all vials required to get Kubo to day 84!

We have a few options where you can help, the easiest for us is but you can also donate on or message me for South African banking details. You can also "adopt a bracelet" or make a special order for one on this page , by making a minimum donation of 15 USD toward's Kubo's treatment.

Affording GS is literally a matter of life and death for Kubo. Without it he will die. Thank you for considering helping him and saving his life.

#WarriorKubo #fipwarrior #FIP #CureKubo

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Update posted by Alicia Ann Ramadhin On May 12, 2020

My oh my what big eyes you have Kubo! I had absolutely forgotten how Kubo looked without his eyes being tiredly closed all the time. He has been staring at life through half closed eyes for so many weeks that we almost started thinking this was his new normal.

Rushil and I once listened to a podcast by Joe Rogan, where he mentioned how people pursue inappropriate diets, like vegan diets for cats, who are obligate carnivores. He said something along the lines of the vegan cats he'd seen in videos or photos were always lying around, looking lethargic and ill, and Kubo acted like that so much before we realised he was actually sick, that we started calling him Vegan Cat. Well, Vegan Cat no more! It must be the liver he eats!

We have progressed with our fund raising efforts and thanks to the kindness of a person who came into our lives at just the right time, Christine, we now have a fundraiser running in the USA for little Kubo. Christine is hand making the most beautiful bracelets and offering them up for 'adoption' for a donation towards Kubo's treatment (there is a minimum 'adoption' fee that applies). She has kindly donated her resources including time, beads, materials and US shipping (basically everything required) to allow this to be a successful fundraiser for Kubo. Please visit the page

to see the bracelets that are available for adoption, and if there isn't currently a bracelet available for Kubo please keep checking back or consider supporting one of Christine's other causes. Christine is working hard to help us and we are incredibly grateful for her efforts and would be thankful if you would support us in this way.

Other ways to donate to Kubo's treatment is on or . To date we have raised approximately 480 USD! We thank you all for your ongoing contributions and assistance.

#WarriorKubo #fipwarrior #FIP #CureKubo

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Update posted by Alicia Ann Ramadhin On May 10, 2020

We have now reduced Kubo's soft food meal to 3 times a day because yesterday he significantly increased his intake of pellets and today even more so. His pellet intake is almost normal again, but we are still maintaining the soft food meals so that he can gain some much needed weight. The missing meal has been the root of all shouting from Kubo today. The problem is, if he eats too much soft food, he gets diarrhoea and it would be counter productive to have a well fed cat that has diarrhoea the whole time.

He gets somewhat excited now at injection time because we smear a home made liver puree onto a bowl (about half a tablespoon now) so that it takes him some time to lick off, and by the time he is done licking it all off, I have injected, cleaned the injection site and iced the area. I hope that he remains this food motivated through out his treatment period because it definitely makes our lives easier and allows me to feel less guilty about hurting him (he does get pain control an hour before his injection though).

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all mothers (and fathers who have had to play the role of mothers), a very happy Mother's Day. I know that without my own mom and mom-in-law checking in on us often and making sure we are fed and warm and getting enough sun and wearing sun protection and getting enough sleep and... and... and.. our lives would be much poorer. To those of you, like me, who do not have human children, happy Mother's Day to you too, because we all know, that pets are family too! I at least got to enjoy a cup of tea with these two, a privilege I didn't think I would have just a couple of weeks ago. I am so thankful to have Kubo around still.

If you are in the position to help us buy more years with Kubo by donating toward his FIP treatment, please do so on or or message me for South African banking details.

With your help, we have raised R10 250 (approximately 540 USD) in donations alone. In addition to this amount I have sold quite a few personal items and have raised enough money to cover the cost of 14 vials of treatment thus far (90 USD per vial, which is the cheapest vial available to us). We need to still raise enough funds for approximately 8 - 10 more vials (I calculated the amount of vials we would need on Kubo's healthy weight as I do believe he will soon reach his healthy weight but also know this might not be the case so cannot accurately predict that at this stage). Shipping to South Africa costs a total of 175 USD inclusive of handling/admin fees.

Thank you for every single donor who has contributed to Kubo! Your contributions are helping us save his life and that is something we cannot put a price tag on!

#WarriorKubo #FIP #FIPWarrior #CureKubo

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Update posted by Alicia Ann Ramadhin On May 09, 2020

Wow, a full 10 days. I can't even believe we've made it to a round number. What a wonderful turn of events!

We ordered a jacket for Kubo a few days ago, because his fur isn't all that thick right now, he has shaved areas, we're going into Winter and he isn't a cat that likes sleeping under the covers. He was super uncomfortable and hated it. A lot of care went into putting faux fur onto the jacket to provide a bit of coverage to his naked areas, and I feel bad that he is so upset with it. It isn't that he is upset with having something on him, he was just extremely uncomfortable in this, so if any of you have suggestions we would appreciate it (we will be trying to modify this one a little bit to make it more tolerable for him but a longer term solution would be first prize). I did look at baby clothes but even the new born stuff is far too big for him. He is a slinky cat. Buying stuff from eBay or Amazon aren't options for us since shipping is really costly, perhaps you have a nice knitting pattern that worked out well for your cat? Ideally something that would cover his naked belly.

Today is the first time in weeks that we feel Kubo isn't squinting at us the entire time, his eyes are looking brighter and he seems to be filling with life. One could get lost in his beautiful green eyes.

If you are in the position to help us pay for Kubo's treatment please contribute on or

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this small milestone. We are grateful for every contribution made.

#WarriorKubo #fipwarrior #FIP #CureKubo

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Update posted by Alicia Ann Ramadhin On May 08, 2020

Kubo went to the vet today for a check up. He meowed a few times, loudly, in the car, for the first time since he fell ill. It was a welcomed noise. The trip must have been long and uncomfortable one for him because Kubo had an accident in his carrier... Our vet was kind enough to put a clean blanket in for him so that his trip back home would be comfortable and less stinky.

Our little warrior is improving clinically!

- His packed cell volume (haematocrit) was at 20%, up from 18% since last taken (on Day 1).

- He has picked up 100 grams in weight (he is a small cat so this is significant for him)

- His lymphocytes are showing activity

- His abdominal effusion is starting to slowly resorb

This is such positive news for us so early in our journey! Our vet was so kind and helped allay many of my fears and supported me emotionally and helped me rationalise a lot of my thoughts regarding this horrible illness. Being a veterinary nurse (although not currently in practice), I am not used to cats surviving FIP and I am used to it being a death sentence with no other alternative. Seeing Kubo improve a little every day has been a strange professional and personal learning curve. I am thankful that we have been lucky enough to find such a wonderful veterinarian, one that is patient with me as a neurotic owner and caring to Kubo.

We were also very fortunate to be given the opportunity to borrow a vial from another family's cat (we will replace it) while we wait for our own vials to get here.

Once we got home, Kubo happily hopped out of his carrier and demanded food as a reward for his patience. Which, obviously, he got.

We raised no funds yesterday so have no new update, however we have begun trying to sell things off in our household to hopefully eventually accumulate enough funds to cover Kubo's treatment. If you are in the position to help us pay for Kubo's treatment please contribute on or or message me on Facebook for alternatives.

To every single one of you that helps us on our journey each day, by sharing, liking or commenting on our posts, by messaging words of support and encouragement, by sharing our goods for sale posts from our private pages, by trying to help me navigate social media in a more effective way, and by contributing financially, THANK YOU!

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Update posted by Alicia Ann Ramadhin On May 06, 2020

As our government slowly starts to relax lock down regulations (we have gone from stage 5, to stage 4), some companies are slowly preparing to go back to full function. This lead to today being Rushil's first day back at the office, albeit for a few hours. It was a small change in our routine but it didn't go unnoticed. The moment Kubo heard Rushil's car arrive back, outside the gate, he ran to the door to wait to greet him, and meowed a no longer broken, but soft meow, excited to see his human back home. As the economy goes back to normal, we wonder how long it may take for our income to do so too.

Trying to raise funds for Kubo's treatment has been one of the most humbling experiences of my life. I am incredibly strong willed, and I hate feeling helpless. I am stubborn at the best of times. I could be down and out, on my last few rands for the month, and I still would not even ask my own husband for help. I am so incredibly grateful to each one of you that have contributed to Kubo's treatment, some of you, do not even know us, and have never even crossed our paths until this horrible illness came into our lives and yet you have opened your hearts and wallets to our Kubo and we are humbled by your actions.

Still, we need to be more proactive in our fund raising efforts. I have a full time job, I have a casual/locum job, I study part time, and also battle a rare auto immune disease; time, and money are both crucial resources of which I do not have in abundance, and so the brainstorming of ideas that took little money and little time (to learn a new skill for example) commenced.

I am not great, but not too shabby at keeping plants alive, and there has been a recent surge in popularity of the humble spekboom (Portulacaria afra) in South Africa, so I thought I would try my hand at propagating a few plants to try and sell them once they have rooted, in order to raise some funds for Kubo's GS treatments. Apparently the entire family thought this was a great idea and everyone participated (Ava supervised from the other side of the camera, as did Rushil). So watch this space because we should soon have a handful of lovingly planted spekbooms for sale.

Even with the few fundraising ideas we have in our pipeline, there is no way we can do this without your help. If you could consider donating on or or message me on our Facebook page, we would be eternally grateful.

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Update posted by Alicia Ann Ramadhin On May 06, 2020

Apologies for the late post of yesterday's update; for some reason I was having a technical brain fart.

Our cats have safe access to two outdoor areas; a balcony area and a roof area. One of Kubo's favourite places to be is on the roof. He loves watching the birds, and chasing lizards, but he hasn't been able to go up onto the roof since he fell ill, because it requires some energy to jump through the room window.

With Kubo being ill, we have gotten used to him being in one of 3 places; on our bed, in his crate, or on the balcony. We check up on him often through the day, just to make sure he is ok.

Rushil went to check up on him about an hour after breakfast, and couldn't find him. I was a minute away from going into a scheduled web based meeting so couldn't help him look and the look of panic on his face was definitely not reassuring. As my meeting started, Rushil popped in and signaled that he had found him...

Kubo was finally feeling strong enough to make his way onto the roof. We checked on him often, concerned that he was unable to hop back in, but he was comfortable there and refused to budge and easily came back in when he was hungry again at lunch time. His tummy is fairing much better today.

...and of course, in true cat fashion; if he fits, he sits.

We know that it is still early days into Kubo's treatment, but we are truly positive that it is already working and that he stands an excellent chance of recovering. The treatment is incredibly expensive but we know that it is Kubo's only hope. We are hoping that you would find it in your hearts to help this little warrior by donating either on or or message me on our Facebook page for South African banking details.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us thus far, to date we have raised R7 000, which affords us 4 vials of treatment! Please remember that no amount is too small and if you cannot donate, please share our posts.

#WarriorKubo #CureKubo #FIPWarrio #FIP

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I want kubo to get rid of this FIP!

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Kubo, Derek is in your corner and hopes you get better. He is also fighting this awful disease. Sending love and hope.

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