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  • ---LATEST UPDATE 09/03/2022---
  • Update about my family:
    My mum, sister and niece are still in Warsaw, physically safe, emotionally traumatized, dealing with extension of expired passport of my niece.My brother in law, cousin and his wife are still in Ukraine trying to survive.
  • Their current expenses:
    2 year visas - $7,000
    Air tickets - $4,000
    Getting my brother in law out of Ukraine - $5,000

    Still needed:
    • house
    • living expenses
    • school fees
    • bike / car
    • necessities

    Thank you to EVERYONE with massive hearts who donated, prayed and shared donation link

    Based on current needs I am extending this donation page to also support Humanitarian Service in Poland who are helping women with babies, children, elderly & disable to flee horrific war zone as well as support Ukrainian army with bullet proof vests and army clothes

    So far over 1000 people been evacuated for free and places in homes in Poland

    As well as the following supporting materials been bought:
    • flash light
    • food
    • power banks
    • thermal blankets
    • sleeping bags

    Additionally this money goes to purchase fuel and bus rental

    Please specify in comments if you wish to support my family or ordinary people of Ukraine through supporting Humanitarian Service



    --- CURRENT UPDATE ---


    Currently we facing major challenges with getting all 4 of them safely out of Ukraine

    All the money is now directed to their safety, food and supplies



    My beautiful friends,

    Many of you asked how you can help my family who woke up yesterday in the middle of a war.

    My Mum, my Sister, my 5 year old niece and my Brother in law are all I have as my family and they mean the world to me.

    Some of you might know from my post earlier that as of the 24th of February Russia invaded Ukraine - Along with the entire nation my family are in massive danger.

    They woke up to shootings, missiles and bombs exploding, airport and military stations across the country that have been blown up, airspace is closed, stationary planes have been shot, tanks and troops are everywhere.

    ATMs and petrol stations have the longest queues as people trying to flee. The only option is Poland and the city closest to it - Lviv- reports of missiles flying and troops are invading.

    This morning is the 2nd day of horror they woke up to a black sky, the wing of the crashed plane outside their home and found out that the house right next to my mothers home in Kiev - a sleepy residential district, has been blown up and innocent people including children died.

    I feel chills running down my spine and choking in tears as I am writing this. I can’t even believe I am saying all this.

    I have started the visa application for the 4 of them to be able to come to Indonesia that costs $7,000 which I currently do not have.

    If you can- please kindly help by donating anything you can, any amount is valuable and potentially life-changing.

    Every prayer and any help is deeply appreciated and will never be forgotten. Every intention either a prayer, donation or help in Poland matters greatly.

    My little niece has been scared of bombs and sirens which are an indication to run to shelter. It breaks my heart!!!

    Loosing them is my worst nightmare.

    My current challenges are:

    - Raise the deposit of $3,500 on Monday afternoon.

    - My family to be able to pass through the Ukrainian borders as they are not allowing any men between the age of 18-65 to leave.

    - My family to arrive safely at the Poland borders.

    Thank you so much for all of your help and support through this very challenging time and am forever grateful!

    Fundraising Team

    • Ksenia Goryainova
    • Campaign Owner
    • Bali, ID


    • Tom Vanneste
    • Donated on Apr 08, 2022
    • All the best from Belgium

    • Johanna von Meister
    • Donated on Apr 06, 2022
    • Loren Azimov
    • Donated on Mar 16, 2022
    Mar 01

    Alternative Donation Page - CARD PAYMENT AVAILABLE HERE

    Update posted by Ksenia Goryainova at 04:00 am

    Hello beautiful,In case you are not able to make donation for technical reasons, I have created donation pages on Stripe. You can find the links below:£25£50£75£100£200£500£1000 you can send it directly using bank transfer, here are the details:PERMATA BANKKSENIYA GORYAINOVAACCOUNT NO: 413 44 88 005SWIFT CODE: BBBAIDJABARCLAYS BANKKSENIYA GORYAINOVAIBAN: GB46BUKB

    See update

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    116 donors
    • Tom Vanneste
    • Donated on Apr 08, 2022
    • All the best from Belgium

    • Johanna von Meister
    • Donated on Apr 06, 2022
    • Loren Azimov
    • Donated on Mar 16, 2022
    • Till Kurig
    • Donated on Mar 14, 2022
    • Wishing your family and everyone else affected all the best 🙏🙏🙏

    • Lydia Kimmerling
    • Donated on Mar 12, 2022
    • Thinking of you, your family and Ukraine x

    • Niaby Codd
    • Donated on Mar 10, 2022
    • Katy Gill
    • Donated on Mar 10, 2022
    • Ksenia my darling I hope and pray for you and your loved one’s safety. Sending you love and prayers xx

    • Anonymous
    • Donated on Mar 10, 2022
    • Holding you, your family, friends, countrymen, and neighbors deeply in my heart. May you find peace and ease and joy.

    • Jesse Brown
    • Donated on Mar 10, 2022
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    71% Funded
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