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My name is Kia (yes, just like the car) and I’m a sassy little old lady. I’ve been on this Earth for almost 14 years now and recently old age has been starting to catch up with me.

Back in December 2023, my mom took me in for an urgent checkup since I had thrown up several times and stopped eating as much over the course of a few days. Initially it was thought that the problem was an upset tummy, but after tests were done, I was diagnosed with CKD and kept at the hospital for 6 days. My health kept declining, my creatinine levels were on a rollercoaster ride, high one day, lower the next and so on, but what gave me hope was my mom visiting me daily (twice even!) while the doctors were trying to stabilize me. Eventually, it got better, so I went home for 2 days trial, when my health started declining again, after being taken off of IV fluids. I was hospitalised again, for 1 week and a nasal tube was installed to force feed me (I hated that..) but that helped get me back to a more stable level. I was also diagnosed with Pancreatitis, so that only made the prognosis worse. Mom didn’t want to lose hope, tho.

Christmas was spent there, the cage felt small and cold, but my mom was by my side to brush me with my favourite brush whenever she was allowed to visit (she overstayed her visit quite a lot of times..)

My mom got to take me back home in the very last days of 2023 and has kept me on treatment ever since. She even learned how to do SubQ fluids at home even tho she hates knowing that she is poking my skin with the needle..

Fast forward to February 2024, I stopped eating again, even with Mirtazapine (appetite stimulant) and it turns out I now suffer from Hepatic Lipidosis as well. Because Pancreatitis makes it painful for me to eat, I eat less so that affected my liver.

Bottom of the line is.. my mom is a single parent. She works a regular office job, underpaid & overworked, in a post communist, East European country. Everything that involves me (care, feeding, pilling, investments) rests on her shoulders. The costs for my 2 weeks stay at the hospital in December wiped out all of her savings (plus loan from friends) and now she is losing hope that she will be able to afford helping me until I recover from this episode.

Please.. any cent you can spare, it will go to my care. My mom hasn’t found it easy to ask for money, even from friends, but she is beyond desperate.. Any proof of payment, she will provide.

Please help.

(Kia's mom here: I don't know how many people can relate to this, but I consider Kia to be my soulmate. Or soul companion. She's seen me through depression, anxiety, loss and I have felt her warmth every single time I thought I'd be alone. I have used up all of my resources and am finding myself lose it everytime I realise that I might not be able to afford her recovery for long. I don't spend on myself anymore, not since she's gotten ill, but even my rainy day funds are gone. If you can spare anything, it's more than enough. If you can share, it's more than enough.)



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Apr 01

Bad new today, pancreatitis is flaring up, her liver is suffering

Update posted by Lucia Bancu at 07:15 pm

Hi. No idea if anyone will ever read this, but today confirmed what I have been fearing for the past several days. Altho I kept going to the vets office and buying dose after dose of Mirataz (nice vets accepted to hand over a single dose for me to apply. . . . .

See update

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Lucia Bancu
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