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D.O.G. operates a no-kill shelter located in Tbilisi, Georgia. Georgia is a small country in the Caucasus region, situated between Turkey and Russia. D.O.G. currently houses around 30-35 canine guests of various shapes, sizes, and ages rescued from the streets of Georgia in hope of finding homes for them. D.O.G has helped over 3,000 dogs by providing veterinary care such as simple spay and neutering, to more intensive surgeries.They are run by volunteers and depend on fundraising to cover their operating costs.

The COVID19 Pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone in the world, including street dogs and shelter dogs. Due to the duration of the pandemic and the continued lock downs, D.O.G. has not been able to run their in-person charitable fundraisers and are facing dire times.

They need your help to continue their current operations. $10,000 will allow D.O.G to continue running the shelter for approximately six months.

  • Treats for training for a month - 5-10 USD
  • Full vaccination of a dog - 15 USD
  • Feeding a dog for a whole month - 25 USD
  • Sterilization of a male dog - 35 USD
  • Sterilization of a female dog - 50 USD
  • Care of a dog for a full month (including veterinary needs, training/work with the dog, transports, necessary items like leash, collar, bedding, etc) - 75 USD

Please consider donating to help these dogs in need. Every dollar counts for these dog's lives.

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raised of $10,000.00 goal
103% Funded
102 Donors