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Update posted by James Wheelock On Jan 23, 2019

UPDATE: 1/22/’19

The fate of my infected toe remains up in the air, much as the toe itself does in this photo, defiantly giving me and my crack medical team the finger.

I’ve had x-rays, a MRI, and tissue culture tests. Hopefully it will all come together at my next appointment with the podiatrist, with a clear decision what to do next. It’s possible the surgeon will be able to just remove the infected bone and adjacent bad flesh, and sew the toe back together. On the other hand, he may find it better to amputate the tip of the toe.

With that in the balance, I continue to be faced with a seemingly insurmountable debt, some of which has to be paid in the next few days to avoid disconnections. This GoGetFunding campaign, along with its related GoFundMe one, remain my only income, aside from my tiny Social Security payment, so right now I’m forced to ask you, both frequent flyers and new arrivals, to help me out with a donation.

First off, a big thanks to all of you who have helped so far. I’m sadly aware that some of you, good friends who have been kind and generous to me in the past, are now facing far worse situations than I am in. I want to acknowledge that and I hope for the best for you.

To the rest of you, I need to persevere with my campaign as a matter of my own survival. I’m got a some major bills to cover in the next few days -- my internet, another payment on my massive electric bill, the gas bill, some parts for my walker and wheelchair, not to mention food for the next few weeks. Beyond that the rent is due in a few weeks. I need a total of about $780 before the first. Of that, I need $350 by the 26th of this month to avoid a couple of shutdowns of my own.

If you can help with any of this, it’s deeply appreciated. Even small donations help a lot -- although I could use some big ones. Checks, CashApp, or any other method you would prefer can be made to work.

This campaign has never had the big win, but it keeps me going. My original goal was to build up enough funds to get ahead of my bills, which exploded during my seven months in the hospital and rehab, and continue to robo-call me in this long recovery period here at home. That hasn’t happened, but we march on.

There is some good news: the major diabetic wound on my left leg appears to have finally healed. This is thanks to you donors to a large extent, who financed the purchase of my CircAid Juxtalite compression stockings, which were not covered by my insurance. The compression helped my wound finally heal in a matter of months, after being a major issue for two years, and following months of inadequate treatment at the nursing home I was in.

As always, thank you for your past and future help.

Jim Wheelock

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Update posted by James Wheelock On Nov 13, 2018

I’ve put off posting about my own needs for a while out of respect for the multiple crises here in California, and for Veteran’s Day.

I can’t continue to avoid my issues, as much as I would like to.

My goal in setting up this GoGetFunding to help my recovery was to get ahead of my needs, which has not been the case. I can only post as I go and hope for the best. I continue to need your help as I move forward with my recovery. I’m unable to work, and this remains my only source of funding.

I’m a private person, and doing this GoGetFunding campaign is difficult for me, but, having scraped by on the November rent, I have almost nothing left, and there are immediate expenses I have to deal with. I need you to ask you once again to please donate what you can, as soon as you can, and share this notice as well, ideally including this or your own introduction.

I accomplished a lot last month, backed by my donors, I was able to rescue the possessions I had in storage here in L.A., and close-out one more monthly expense. I also was able to complete the pair of my Juxtalite compression stockings, which have made a big difference in the healing of my leg wounds, even though I still need daily nurse visits to dress them. My walking (with the walker) has improved steadily, and I’m starting to climb stairs again, although it’s still difficult.

Here’s a slice of what I’m up against right now:

To start, I have a huge $548.64 electric bill, due to my oxygen concentrator and using the air conditioning this summer. I was able to buy more time, but the disconnection crunch approaches rapidly.

Beyond that, Winter is actually coming soon in L.A., and I have to be prepared. Apartments here are built to remain cool in the heat, so baby, it gets cold inside. I canceled my gas service when I was in the rest home, and never restarted it. Now, I find SoCalGas is demanding an $80 deposit to start it back up again, claiming they closed the account rather than me. I need to do this right away, since it requires a service call to restart the pilot lights.

Adding to the fun, I have to make the annual $45 payment on my Safety Deposit box in Vermont before the end of the year. I’ve got some valuables and family papers there, and I face penalty charges if they drill open the lock for lack of payment. Unfortunately, I can’t close out the account without going there in person, which I can’t do anytime soon.

I also have a $97 phone bill due on the 15th, and need to make a payment on my remaining storage area in Vermont. I also need to spend money on basic things like food and supplies not covered by my insurance, and in the near future, a new round of rent and other major costs will come around.

Obviously, I’m not the only person who needs help in this crisis-filled time, but with your aid, I can do these things, put the hours in working on my recovery, and someday dig myself out of the sad rut I’m stuck in.

Besides this GoGetFunding, you can donate by any means that you wish. Just get in touch by PM. Remember, even small donations count a lot.

Thanks for all you’ve done in the past, and I hope will do in the future.

Jim Wheelock

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Wish I could afford to give more. Hang in there, try to stay positive (not easy I know)

Donn Greer

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Sadie McFarlane

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Arshad Ali

Posted On Oct 30, 2018


Some cool Kirby art to cheer you up.

Jim Higgins

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Charles Hinckley

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Kevin VanHook

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