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Hi everyone! my brother, Januel Mercado 27 y/o on Autism Spectrum is currently fighting TB Meningitis. His disease is progressing and was just recently intubated. Januel's brain also has increasing pressure (Hydrocephalus) due to this condition. His doctors are doing their best to manage his symptoms and they laid out their possible treatment plans for Januel. Aside from possible surgery for hydrocephalus, treatment for TB meningitis will take 1 year. We are continuously asking for any possible help you can give. We are extremely grateful. Thank you and God Bless you all!

Januel started to have on and off fever Jan 22. Consultations were done and various treatments were introduced but he showed no improvement. He was admitted at Martinez Memorial Hospital Jan. 31 after failed attempts to be admitted at different tertiary hospitals. Januel went through various diagnostic tests but the results were normal and vague.

Januel continued to have fever and as days passed, his weakness has been apparent due to continuous fever, poor appetite and vomiting. It is hard for us to know what he feels since he is non verbal. During this time he received antibiotics and other treatments but his condition still did not improve. He was referred to Metro North Medical Center for extensive diagnostic tests and procedures. His condition continuously progressed and an episode of seizure prompted immediate transfer.