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My Greetings to you from the village of “ Kuja Old Bridge, Migori County which is located in western Kenya and borders Homa Bay County (North), Kisii County (North E), Narok county (South East), Tanzania (West and South) and Lake Victoria to the West.

I am called Evance ochieng qualified permaculture train teacher and designer, I trained with Steve Jones from Wales UK of, travelling to Uganda for the first time to complete a full two-week PDC in 2017.

Evance is among the 2017 permaculture student at kamuli ,malumu hotel uganda

Evance attend 2017 PDC Class at Kamuli uganda

Bellow is the Permaculture certificate award to evance

Evance with his facilitating teaching books

After the training I start sharing what I learned with my community and i personally organised over 1000 farmers from our villages into a farming cooperative which generates food, education and employment for local communities whereby many people benefit from this very practical and beautifully crafted text that skillfully weaves them together

We are approved Register Community permaculture farming group with the Government of Kenya, situated in the south Western part of Kuja village located in the Northern part of Kanyamamba Sub Location,Kamagambo Location, Rongo District in Migori county.

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for many people in our villages and communities and to work towards an environment without poverty. Our work is to introduce permaculture practices and policies that will support the creation of prosperous sustainable organic farmers through re-connecting our surrounding community with 3 permaculture ethic’s, (People Care, Earth Care and Fare Share). We want to create a mind that sees the world as an interconnected set of dynamic patterns and systems, we achieved this by forming small community farming groups aim to ensure that new farming development serves the needs of local community farmers who are always facing climatic changes and low investment

Through this permaculture project we inform and empower individuals and communities through training, using the knowledge on how Permaculture and related agroecological practices backed by the science of Nature’s Design can put the power of the people back into the hands of the many Projects that rebuild our shared home beyond its former glory, results in a way forward for a whole community and their involvement in regular activities,so for that I am creating this fundraising in order to cover important costs related to water irrigation Project from river kuja

to help irrigating our permacultufor ore organic work ur village farmers who is now 85% depend on gold mine and sugar cane growing,to say the truth the two activities bring lots of poverty , poor health in the communities,eg Goldmine destrying our motherland and polute our environment,

While sugarcane also affect our us in that its takes long period of time to mature,that result to total high poverty level

Yet we have a permanent river water flowing called kuja which is far,away from us it 3km from the village

So we want to used permaculture teaching and training concept to bring our people back to farming for better living standard in all our focusing 3 big region in our villages with a population of 50000 people

. These funds will cover the establishment of a long lasting food production through irrigation from river kuja that will feed, employ and educate an ever increasing number of people in our focusing 4 major regions in our village thats the Southern,Western,Eastern& the Northern parts of the village all this will happen through the establishment of the irrigation line from the River whereby the water will be pump from the river to the main water tank located on the high hill at the Northern Part of the village then after that the water will start the farming purpose of the northern part,at the same time water will flow back to served the Southern,western & eastern part of the village for the purpose of promoting permaculture and organic farming for the purpose of the sustainable economic in the village.

To my mind, Permaculture means the end of poverty, famine and desperation. In the years I have studied Permaculture, I have thought often of all those generous souls who have come to Aid Africans and others in distress. I have wondered how it has sat with them to watch as one tragedy after another befell the good people of Africa. With Permaculture techniques, education and empowerment of local farming communities, I know one simple fact. These tragedies can end.

So we are humbly making a respectful quest to our Global Permaculture communities in the most positive way in this is a community permaculture charity fundraiser we would like you to join us to make a great different towards the life of our people in the village through Permaculture Organic farming,this can be done through supporting our water irrigation support that we conducted through the secure site, GoGetFundMe! Our Target for the materials, needed for irrigating the water from the river to the most needed region is $2139 USD. I urge you to make a donation and push Dala Mor farming group irrigation Project closer to completion!

Bellow is our budget breakdown for Dala Mor water irrigation


1.HDPE Tee 11/2 =22$

2.HDPE Reducing coupling 11/2=20$

3. 1HDPE Pipe 3oom=225$

4.Tap 4 @ 600=24$

5. Elbows 4@200=8$

6.Nipple 4 @100=4$


8.digging pipe line 5000ksh=50$

9.Plambin labour charge 4000ksh=40$


1.Bricks 300@10=30$

2.Cement 10 bags@800=80$

3.Ballast 1 pick-up@5000=50$

4.Materials Transportation cost 6000=60$



Tank Stand construction materials cost

1-Y12 metal rod >12pcs@10$=120$

2-Binding wire>8kg@3$=24$

3-Wire nails:-3'' 3kg@3$=9$

-2'' 2kg@3$=6$
-R6 metal rod>4pcs@5$=20$
4-cement 6bags@9$=54$
5-Gravel 20 wheelbarrow@4$=80$
6-Sand 1 track@140$=140$


1.Water Tank 10000Ltrs=900$
2-Long thread nipple 3/4 1pc @4$=4$

2-Back nuts 3/4 2pcs@2$=8$

3-Gate valve3/4 1pc@10$=10$

4-X nipples 3/4 1pc@3$=3$

5-G1 socket 3/4 1pc@4$=4$

6-PPR pipe 3/4 2pcs@20$=40$

7-Elbows 3/4 5pcs@10$=50$

8-Union 3/4 2pcs@15$=30$

9-Sockets 3/4 1pc@4$=4$

10-{M} adapter 3/4 2pcs@10$=20$





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  • jeffrey doney
  • Donated on Sep 19, 2020
  • best of luck Evance

  • Chantal Chauvin
  • Donated on Sep 18, 2020
  • Sending love from Northern Canada! Keep up the good work for your community brother Evans. ✌️♥️🤗


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  • jeffrey doney
  • Donated on Sep 19, 2020
  • best of luck Evance

  • Chantal Chauvin
  • Donated on Sep 18, 2020
  • Sending love from Northern Canada! Keep up the good work for your community brother Evans. ✌️♥️🤗

  • Estelle Hjertaas
  • Donated on Dec 22, 2019
  • Keep up the good work Evance!

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  • Hope this helps!

  • jeffrey doney
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  • best to you on fundraising

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