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Update posted by dkerste127 On Jul 26, 2013

Yep, 231 days! Okay, so when you put it that way it seems like a long time.. BUT

That is only 7 months and 18 days.  When you realize it is already July 26th, and we are already halfway through the year, you will realize these next 7 months go by so fast!

These next few months will begin the final countdown towards the big day. Next week is the first week of August, and I will be going in next weekend to place an order for my dress! I have raised a good chunk of money offline that will be going towards helping in that purchase, and I just want to give thanks again to all of you who have contributed.

There is still much to do. We have hotel rooms to block, caterer to meet with, find a baker, center pieces to finalize and order, hair and make-up, music..  and thats just in the next month or so :D

Wish us Luck!

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Update posted by dkerste127 On Jul 10, 2013

I just want to stop in for an update.

Our original base goal was 3k. We have raised 1.2k !!! ^-^

This puts us just under the halfway point for our total goal.

We still have some ways to go, but I'm excited.

So I was asked recently, "What are you going to do, if you acheive over your goal?"

Well, first off, Hugs, Kisses and Thank You's all the way around because you are helping to make this thing happen in ways we, especially myself, could have never dreamed possible.

Secondly, 3k, was just a guesstimate based on some information I had been given and some mis-information I had been given. I haven't changed it. Why? At this point for us, any donation is a HUGE blessing. If I didn't receive another dollar before the wedding, the 1.2k I have been given, is 1.2k of our own money we can put towards something else now.

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Update posted by dkerste127 On Jul 04, 2013
So, just to keep you updated, we have been give $500.00 by two separate people adding $1000.00 to our total end budget. I want to say thank you for the donations. They means more than we can ever say. This is putting us closer and closer to our final goal. Even though we may not reach it, the money we have been given will help us drastically.
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Update posted by dkerste127 On Jun 28, 2013

Save the dates came in and they look awesome! Finished the envelopes yesterday and shipped them this morning. I'm so excited! Also ordered a sample of the wedding invites and have made that decision as well, so as we get closer to the time, I will place the order for those as well ^-^ so excited!!

I will scan in the save the dates and wedding invites so you all can see them as well. :)

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Update posted by dkerste127 On Jun 21, 2013

We have placed out order in for our save the dates and will be mailing those out promoptly after we receive them. ^-^ Its exciting and nice to have the ball rolling.

We are getting the venue booked soon.  And smoothing out some details.

Saturday, I am going with one of my bridesmaids (at least) to look at flowers! dun dun dun!


Family update: I'm going to be an AUNT! Just found out yesterday that my younger sister is pregnant! This is sure to make things... exciting.

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Update posted by dkerste127 On Jun 14, 2013

Detail photo of the Front of the Dress... :)
Detail photo of the back of the dress. :)

The bridesmaids dress..

Myself in the dress with my bridesmaids.

'Nother shot of me in the dress and the back detail!

And all of these wonderful designs in a spectacular color... -insert drum roll here-...

The strip of blue here is Marine Blue and is the colors that will be used on the dresses. :D


Thanks for looking!

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Update posted by dkerste127 On Jun 13, 2013

I found out after receiving my first donation tonight that there are fees incurded by using paypal and this website. The total taken each time is 6.9% + $.30 from each donation. So about $7.20 from every $100 donation. I have up'd the total for this reason to $3250 to help cover those fees. Please do not think I'm being greedy, its purely for that fact alone.

Thank you for understanding.

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Update posted by dkerste127 On Jun 13, 2013

The Deadline date is August 2013 for a good portion of this money. I will push out the deadline date to keep this open for those who wish to donate up to the very end, however August is my 6 month out deadline and will need to begin ordering things at that time. (IE: The dress! The cakes can wait )

I forgot to put this on the main page, and didn't want to add it now to the end. So this is just so you know what is going on. :)

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Update posted by dkerste127 On Jun 13, 2013

So today I received my first $100 towards the end balance. So very thankful for my friend and her donation. She didn't have to pay me, but she did anyways and now I have $100 towards my end goal!

I was also made aware that Paypal was not setup properly and confirmed. I have fixed the issue hopefully and everything should be up and running.

When I get the moment I will be posting those pictures I promised ^-^


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Update posted by dkerste127 On Jun 02, 2013

Yep, thats right. Have decided on colors, and dresses. Let me post the links to the dresses for now. I need to get the images off my phone for one, and I'm a little leery of fred seeing me in the dress! Going traditional to where he won't see me until I am walking up the isle to him. I've floored him twice since we've been together and I would love to do it again and make it a special moment.

Here is my bridal gown. The colors will be Ivory (still debating on pure white) and Marine Blue

And these will be the bridesmaids dress, also in the marine blue. :)

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I know how hard it is to raise money for a wedding. When I got married we didn't have anything like this to help. I hope you get your happily ever after. Every girl deserves her dream wedding.

Aradia Mistwood

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Backed with $100.00 On Jun 13, 2013

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