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Update posted by Kristine Feliciano On Jan 22, 2022

Amount Raised: ¥330,832 / $2,910 / Php149,170

We're very grateful to those who've been sending their donations for our dad. We wouldn't be able to afford his chemo treatment without your help. Yesterday, he was able to undergo the second round of his third chemo cycle. He had to endure the usual poking and pricking that goes with each round, but his response to the treatment has been good so far. We hope that Papa will continue to feel better and that the treatment is shrinking the tumor. Please continue to pray with us. And please continue to help us afford Papa's treatment. We truly can't do this without your help.

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Update posted by Kristine Feliciano On Jan 18, 2022

Amount Raised: ¥305,984 / $2,667 / Php137,367

We can't thank our donors enough for helping with my dad's cancer treatment fund! We'd like to give you an idea of what your donation means to us by sharing with you the costs of Papa's latest chemo round. This was for the 1st round of his 3rd chemo cycle (each cycle has 3 rounds).

  • Abraxane (main chemo drug): ¥198,140 / $1,727 / Php88,952
  • Gemcitabine (secondary chemo drug): ¥55,687 / $485 / Php25,000
  • Medical oncologist's professional fee: ¥17,819 / $155 / Php8,000
  • RT PCR tests: ¥6,237 / $54 / Php2,800
  • X-ray: ¥2,205 / $20 / Php990
  • Hospital charges: ¥5,346 / $47 / Php2,400
  • TOTAL: ¥285,424 / $2,488 / Php128,142

Your donations has helped us with this much. We're even more grateful since we also had to pay some ¥156,983 / $1,369 / Php70,500 this time for Papa's 6-day hospital stay. Many thanks!

As we continue to help Papa in his journey towards healing, we hope that you'll continue to lend us your strength. Please help us share Papa's story to people or even institutions or offices who you think might be able to help us. If you know of any avenues of support that we could try, please let us know us well. And of course, we always welcome, with much gratitude, any amount that you can donate for Papa's treatment fund.

Thank you again from our hearts to yours.

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Update posted by Kristine Feliciano On Jan 15, 2022

Amount Raised: ¥267,266 / $2,340 / Php120,095

Thanks to everyone who's been praying for Papa. He finally got to go home! His doctors also unexpectedly cleared him for his 3rd chemo cycle, so he was able to have his first round before leaving the hospital. ☺️

While we feel somewhat relieved, we know that my dad's fight is far from over. Please continue to pray for him and to support our fundraising campaign.

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Update posted by Kristine Feliciano On Jan 11, 2022

Amount Raised: ¥206,800 / $1,792 / Php91,600

First, we're really grateful to those who've been following up on my dad and sister. My dad's been admitted to the hospital (accompanied by my sister's boyfriend) for monitoring and assessment of his pain and recurring jaundice. As for my sister, she's been feeling better and will have another swab test tomorrow to see if she's alright. Please continue to pray for them.

Also, I'm afraid we've run into more bad luck. We learned that we can't use my dad's insurance card because the hospital has temporarily suspended its use. This means that we can't count on any substantial deductions from the medical costs or charges my dad will incur. My family's using our own funds to cover the expenses for his current hospital stay. We want the funds we raise here to be used for his chemo and surgery. But since our finances are quickly diminishing, we're also becoming more dependent on the funds that we raise here. We really need help.

If you haven't GIVEN, SPREAD the campaign, or SHARE my dad's story with people who you know can help, we hope that you'll consider doing so. Alternatively, if you know of any institution, office, or individual who you think might be able to help us, kindly tell us or help us get in touch with them. Your help would really mean a lot to us.

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Update posted by Kristine Feliciano On Jan 09, 2022

Amount Raised: ¥197,474 / $1,708 / Php87,709

Hi, All. Since yesterday, my dad has been experiencing severe pain on his side, where the tumor is located. The pain medication he was prescribed didn't work when he took it. His medical oncologist said that he needs to be admitted for pain management. But because of the hospital's covid protocols, my dad needs to have his swab test and xray done first, wait for the results, and get a clearance before he can be admitted. In the meantime, the doctor prescribed stronger pain medications, like an "oral morphine", for my dad to take while he's at home. As for my sister, she's still recovering. She'll have another swab test done on Wednesday to see if she's in the clear. That's all the update on my dad and sister for now. Many, many thanks to all who have reached out and offered their moral and financial support.

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Update posted by Kristine Feliciano On Jan 07, 2022

Hello. It's Day 5 and we're at ¥144,005 (about $1,244 / Php63,794) and 166 shares. Our family can't thank you enough for the support you've sent us. This will help with the expenses for my dad's third chemo cycle.

Since we're not sure if it's alright with donors if we mention their names here, we've just taken to thanking them individually. I update the amount raised offline regularly, within the day if possible.

I'd also like to work on putting together a spreadsheet to show everyone how much we've been getting and through what channels. I'll also try to make another sheet to show where the donations go to exactly. This is one way we've thought of to honor my dad's donors, by being transparent without stepping on anyone else's private information. I'll share the link to these spreadsheets here as soon as I finish them.

Thank you again and please don't forget to GIVE what you can, SPREAD our campaign, and SHARE my dad's story.

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Update posted by Kristine Feliciano On Jan 05, 2022

It's Day 3 and we've reached ¥53,912 (about $465 / Php23,735). We've also had 91 shares. Thank you for sending in your financial support and helping us spread the campaign.

Yesterday, we learned that my sister - Papa's sole caregiver - tested positive for covid. (Thankfully, my dad's test turned out negative.) She's isolating now, so we're looking for someone who can temporarily take her place and accompany my dad to his chemo which had been postponed to next week...

It's a tough situation, but we're hanging in there. Please PRAY for my dad and sister. Also, please help us reach more donors by SHARING and TELLING family and friends about my dad.

Thank you.

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Update posted by Kristine Feliciano On Jan 04, 2022

Hello, it's Day 2 of our campaign. Many thanks to those who sent their financial support for my dad. So far we have a bit over ¥16,800 (less than $150 / Php7,600). We still have a long way to go, but we're grateful to have some amount trickling in. We're pooling the funds to help pay for my dad's 3rd chemo cycle which will start in the next two weeks.

The page has also been shared 42 times. Thank you to those who took the time to post our campaign page on your social media. If you haven't yet, we'd like to invite you to please share. It'd also help if you re-share.

Thank you.

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