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Hi, everyone. Unfortunately I am in financial trouble and desperately need your help.

As you may or may not know, I had trouble finding work last year during the onset of the pandemic, was unable to find work in the UK, had a job in Taiwan that fell through, and finally I started teaching with a company in Hong Kong in January 2021. Last month, I was supposed to be paid my first months' salary, but it came to me 2 weeks late and the cheque bounced. Now, after 2 months of work, I still have not been paid, and my company keeps moving my pay date later and ignoring the terms of our contract. I am left with no choice but to open a legal case against them through the Labour Department this Monday. Even though I hope the Labour Department will be able to sort this out, I know that the process will take time and I need money immediately to simply cover rent, credit bills, basic living costs, etc.

I have been living off credit cards for the last couple of months. Hong Kong is very expensive, and due to not receiving my pay cheques, I have steep financial fees and am facing credit card cancellations. I am asking for any donations you can afford to help keep me afloat.

If you are unable to help me out financially, no pressure. I'm just struggling and putting out this message to anyone who is willing to help. Feel free to make a donation through any of the following channels:

1. Donation through (this website)
2. Money transfer through Paypal: email [email protected]
3. Money transfer with PayMe: send to phone +852 6018 7313
4. Simply buy a beverage or snack to keep my mind of the situation

Many thanks,


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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