Help Baby Zhantelle on her Battle

Update posted by Zhallie Jane Tan On Sep 21, 2017

Zhantelle Fourth Rubio-Tan

Baby out at 9:20am

September 19, 2017.

7.7 lbs.

Philippine Children's Medical Center.

Many of you have shown love to our little angel even before she was born and our family will be forever grateful. With God's amazing grace, my sister had a safe delivery via cesarian operation. After 48 hours, that bump at Baby Fourth's back, connected to her spinal cord will be gone. For those who are still unaware, Baby Fourth's condition is called Arnold Chiari Malformation Syndrome, where a cyst in her spinal cord transports fluid to her brain and could lead to Hydrocephalus if not removed through an immediate operation.

Thanks again to everyone who prayed, donated clothes, bought our cakes and comforted us in this journey. We still have a long way to go but after seeing our young warrior a while ago, (ang lakas umiyak!) our faith in God will stand still. ❤️🙏🏻 #ZhantellesBattle #ArnoldChiariMalformationSyndromeAwareness


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