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Update posted by Nathalie Hendriks On Dec 17, 2019

It was still I know but let me tell you we had severe water coming looked like a pool. Breaking walls in order to make new entrances and closing others. Building walls to make more space and building cages.

So now we are busy with painting the cages and in between we have to pick the mandalinas and oranges what are growing in the garden because we maybe have a buyer and hopefully we can earn some money ( kilo price is about 0,75 TL so don't count us rich now)

In 3 says we can start painting inside and Monday they will close the cages.

We need to find 27m2 tiles for the floor as cheap as possible (like I counted just it's about 700 tl) and a shadow nett against the fences to disturb unwanted eyes from the streets (32 mtr is about 600 tl)

Tomorrow they will come and messure the doors that have to be made (price unknown)

And next week we will also get the bill from the iron workers so.......

You can understand that I'm getting anxiety stress here. So much and almost no funding coming in.

You can understand that we really need your help.

And now fast going to sleep because tomorrow a new day we have just 1 months left before we have to move......

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Update posted by Nathalie Hendriks On Dec 02, 2019

Yesterday we had heavy rain and we saw where the water is going in the garden. It is clear that we have to find a solution for this also.

Today we did a lot of work. The cat rooms are all treated against incoming water and all the walls are painted. We made a aqaurium for them 😜🤪😜🤪

The priority is to make the first outside cage ready and the rooms inside so that the cats can come.

We had to adjust the plans because there is no money to do it all. We have to do it with the money we have and hoping that there are some more people who want to donate.

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Update posted by Nathalie Hendriks On Nov 29, 2019

İMy dearest family and friends (and everyone else I don’t know 🙃)

In these periods of the year when it’s all coming to an end I know that the costs are the highest of all. Thanksgiving was here and Christmas is on its way. All of you will probably start overthinking this year in what positive and less positive, you achievements and your goals.

When you open the internet daily we all get reminded about the drama and suffering in the world. And let’s be honest it’s not a nice reality check but it’s true.

Natural forces are pushing us all to the limits with their fires, earthquake, severe rain or deadly dryness.....Think about the climate change and how we all are trying to make a change with the so called climate control.

But then we humans are in sight we are a species that need a big reality check...... not only what we are doing with our climate, nature, animals that are living here but also our fellow humans that we are all forgetting.

The wars that are going on still after so long time or just going to start.... the people and children that are injured or died because of all of this.... the Egoist thinking of some people that are making them doing these actions just because they are to coward to admit that they are wrong...

But not only our fellow humans are a victim of our actions also the animals living on this planet..... trees are to go in order to build more buildings and factories..... water has to vanish in order get more land.... and this can go on and on for a long time.

But also small actions have to count here animals are killed to take their furr or be held in cages as an attraction because we like to go and look at them..... Even more close by if you take a good look..... dog are wanted as a puppy but put out on the street when they did something wrong or just because they are not wanted anymore, to old or preferring an puppy instead, even when they are playing and the child starts crying because the so called puppy attacked her but in fact the puppy was playing and just jumped against her......

Or that sweet furry kitten that is so playful and funny and sweet of course but getting older it maybe jumps in the curtains...... destroy your favorite sweater...... or put it’s dangerous nails in to your skin..... it does seems strange but all I just called are also reasons to put them on the street.

Here in Turkey animals have a different status as in other places of the world and even I know there are places that are even worse.

The dogs are brought up to the mountains so that the city’s are not to crowded when the tourists are coming or getting poisoned even this is hard reality.

Cats are getting poisoned and when there are many cats around a hotel the staff will feed them because they know that their guests are appreciating this but what their guests not know is that as soon as the season has finished and or the last tourists are gone they will stop feeding also.

These are just small examples and I know that there are more to give but also that it’s not all like this negative there is also positive but hard to find between all the negative.

How it can all change !!!

You can make the change,

By starting to look around you.

All of you are known of the Butterfly Effect.

If you start by making a change near you,

This will also start to affect the people around you.

And by following your actions they will affect more people,

Setting a real butterfly effect in action.

Now we all know there are many rescue organizations that are trying to do the best that they can to make a different with their butterfly effect.....Trying to give the most possible help with the funds they have......Some have a big backup support from outside.... Some are big and some are small.... but they are all doing their best to help with all the love and devotion they can give.....

This is one of the organizations I am talking about. I’m a volunteer for this organization and together with my family and friends we we trying to help them where it’s possible. Not only by feeding the so called street cats but also to take as much as possible for the TNR project (Trap, Neuter, Return) and giving medical care when needed.

But not only that.... we also take care of cats who are not capable of surviving on the streets they are safe with us in our foster homes...... some are in need of medical care for lifetime..... blind or missing a leg....even the the small ones who are coming in as from mini kitten not even know what a street life is they maybe healthy now but came inside at such a young age that they simple don’t know how they can survive or even find food on the street.

We needed a bigger foster location in order to keep on doing what we are doing now. After a longtime we finally found that what we were looking for.....and starting a new chapter in our adventure..... and off course we all know new adventures always costing money..... this means we are trying to get funds together on order to get our project up and running..... first priority is making 1 cage and connecting to the house so that the cats have a choice inside or outside..... a choice that is new for some of them.....

With this new chapter we are able to realize solid quarantine places for the sick ones in order to be able to treat them..... foster cat or street cat..... taking care of the homeless soon to be or new be mother that is brought is...... that tiny kitten with swollen eyes going to be blind if it’s not getting the treatment it needs.... care after surgery or accident...... not to forget the possibility to give first aid when needed.

And even more important if not the most important !!!! Trying to find a home for the foster cares not a simple house because a house is some walls with a roof, but a home where you’re welcome in their hearts. That’s what you’re calling a home.....

I really want to thank all of you for reading my story

My try for act of kindness, My butterfly effect.

Let’s all start by improving your world, not the world.

Improving the world is impossible alone without help,

But improving your world, your direct area is always possible

Start your own butterfly effect just like I started mine.

And nothing is impossible you just have to believe in it ❤️

Please copy and share my messages in order to out grow this butterfly effect. (Just plain copying will not send this messages only the link)

And when you want to start your, maybe you can start by donating here ❤️

And off course I’m not asking you for a high amount (let’s stay realistic but welcome if wanted) but a small amount is also a start in changing not only my world but more important your world 🌍

At the last I want to wish you all a great and amazing 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ and that it may be fulled with health, love, kindness, joy and peace.

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The Mrs made me do it

Conor Gaunt

Backed with €5.00 On Oct 04, 2020


Such an amazing kind & caring!!! Love the work you do for all the animals in Alanya, the world needs more people like you!!

Beki Lord

Backed with €10.00 On Oct 04, 2020


Katie Earle

Backed with €11.00 On Oct 04, 2020


Good luck to you guys. Well done for doing what you’re doing xx

Ellie Milner

Backed with €1.00 On Sep 30, 2020


Wishing you all the best - Francesca

Francesca Martin

Backed with €10.00 On Sep 29, 2020


A great cause to help animals in need. I hope they raise lots of money.

Laura Jansen

Backed with €10.00 On Sep 28, 2020


I would like to contribute more, and I will when I can. So great that donating through this site is so easy! Donate 1 euro or 1000 euros- whatever you can afford! Support ARGA! Their passion and commitment saves strays EVERY DAY!

tara rosenzia

Backed with €50.00 On Nov 29, 2019

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This is me and together with my family and other volunteers we are taking care of the some of the street cats here in alanya.


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Laura Jansen

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