Help Imeeh win the fight against Stage 4 Breast Cancer

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I am humbly asking help for my cousin Imeeh. Emelda Barrameda was diagnosed of Breast Cancer earlier this year. She was an active medical representative that time. Her condition was detected to be in the last stage which means the cancer cells have already spread outside of her breast to other parts of her body, particularly her liver.

She has lost all of her savings for the chemotherapy treatment sessions she has undergone so far and is now incapable of sustaining her treatments. But she wants to fight. She said she has not seen other Stage 4's fighting to heal. Whenever she'd go to the medical institutions she goes to for her treatment and checkups, no other Stage 4's are actively getting treated. And she wants to show that you should never give up.

Currently (10/4/2018), she just finished with the 1st of her 2nd round of chemo sessions (4th).

She was advised that she needed to undergo MASTECTOMY of both her breasts after her chemotherapy sessions and that would fall most likely this December 2018 and also she needs to undergo RFA (Radiofrequency Ablation) of the Liver. She would need all the financial help she could get. She even personally goes to charity institutions and politicians to solicit for help despite her condition but the amount she needs for the procedures is huge. That's why I made this fundraiser for her.

To the kind hearted and generous, Donations can be made via Paypal or using Credit/Debit card here on Go Get Funding by clicking the DONATE NOW button. You may choose to donate ANONYMOUSLY with the amount HIDDEN too if that's what you like.

Alternatively, those who want to DEPOSIT directly via OTC or online banking, here is Imeeh's Bank Account details:

Philippine National Bank

Account Number: 102710078491

Account name: Emelda Barrameda

Bank/Branch: Caloocan-Sangandaan

Swift Code: PNBMPHMM

She knew this is going to be a challenge but she has the strong desire to survive and be given extension on her life because her daughter is still young and needs her and she's still supporting the needs of her younger siblings who are still living with her.

Imeeh as what her family, friends and officemates call her, is a wonderful friend and a loving cousin to me but what I can say about her, that I am really proud of, is that she started working at a very early age while studying until she graduated from College. She became a medical representative and stuck to that career. She became the breadwinner for her siblings.

She is strong willed and even when she knew about the stage of her condition, she still has much faith that she will be healed. She knew that even without the financial capacity, God will help her get through the treatments.

I personally think she deserves to live longer after what she has sacrificed for her family. Despite having metastases on her liver and even while doing chemo sessions, she shows courage and maintains the fighting spirit.

She is responding well to the treatment and so I thought it would be great if she could continue with the chemotherapy sessions and undergo the necessary operation.

This fundraiser is merely to cover the cost of mastectomy. There is still the issue with her liver and some other areas that need to be checked besides the ongoing chemotherapy. For that reason I made it an on-going campaign. I am hoping at least to raise the amount of funds for her mastectomy because that is the most immediate concern after the chemo sessions.

I am praying for the kind generosity of people to help my cousin in this battle against the big C. This is all that I can do for her to help her with the cost of her operation. May God reciprocate your kindness and love towards another human in need.

Thanking you in advance, from the bottom of my heart,



I am a graphic artist, digital marketing consultant in the Philippines.

I am a graphic artist, digital marketing consultant in the Philippines.


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Oct 06

Message from Imeeh and Me

Update posted by Joanne De Leon at 08:06 am

Thank you po sa mga well wishers. I know the link was shared a lot of times sa facebook, and it may not be intended by anyone but she is being asked about her condition nonstop on the phone and thru messages. We all know she needs rest and have. . . . .

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Oct 04

Chemotherapy session happening right about now.

Update posted by Joanne De Leon at 05:11 am

It's Oct 04, 12:35 pm and Imeeh is currently having her Chemo Day. She sent her selfies from the hospital via Messenger. I am just about finished with spreading the link to this fundraiser and informed our friends about it as well. Nice of her nurse to pose with her.

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  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Oct 05, 2018
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  • Starsky Peru
  • Posted On Oct 04, 2018
  • Love you ate. I am praying you overcome this obstacle. Hope to see you soon.

  • Starsky Peru
  • Donated on Oct 04, 2018


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