Help 200 children from the Gaza Strip to stay safe & warm this winter.

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Alfadeela Association

A women charity organization. License no. 9066 since 2000, headed by women board directors. Alfadeela seeks to raise the level of women and the Palestinian family in order to qualify them to deal with their issues positively and participate in development by providing the knowledge and skills, also to strengthen their steadfastness on their land. Working within a cadre with experience in this field 19 years.

The siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and the successive aggressions launched by Israeli forces on the Palestinians of Gaza have led to increase the people of Gaza suffering and pain aside with the suffering of the rehabilitation centers and institutions.

The Israeli ongoing aggression affects the lives of children and has a clear impact on their mental and physical progression. It sometimes worsens their trauma. People like them are in real need of our support and give our hands to help them to overcome this terrible phase of their lives by letting them integrate into the community.

This project targets children and the old and serves all segments of society regardless of gender, race and religion.

Concrete and visible achievements have been made on children and the elderly through our charitable projects. We seek through this campaign to help 200 families in need and suffer from extreme poverty, in light of the siege imposed on Gaza for more than a decade, the economic situation has become for some below zero,Due to the recent aggression on Gaza, almost 190 houses were demolished by the Zionist occupation, which led to the exposure of more than 200 families to destroy their homes, so Alfadeela Association seeks to provide warmth to the needy, which contributes to their safety from the symptoms of freezing cold and we hope to see the families safe and warm this winter.

It will be a source of happiness for the children of every family we help them to be safe and warm this winter, under the difficult circumstances of the people of Gaza, who suffer from the siege, hunger and poverty.

This project is initiated with the onset of winter each year and lasts once a year and takes about a month to complete.

The beneficiaries of the project are selected, and winter supplies are provided to them.

The idea of the project and Overall Objective is to provide moral and material assistance to families in the Gaza Strip that have been sorted to the families most in need of emergency assistance in light of the coming winter for these homeless and in needy families.


- Providing means of warmth to those in need, which contributes to their safety from the symptoms of freezing cold.

- After securing the winter clothing, the beneficiary family of the project can provide other necessities to secure their living needs.

- This project is a necessity for the existence of a class of society that needs to cover the winter because of the difficult financial conditions.

- Providing the basic necessities for the houses of the families in the slums through the maintenance of the roofs of the damaged houses and the provision of LED lights.

Why did we launch the campaign?

1. Poor economic and living conditions of the population of the Gaza Strip in light of the tightening of the siege imposed on it for the thirteenth year, where extreme poverty rates among the population of the Gaza Strip rose to 65%.

2. The urgent need of people and the lack of possibilities and the inability of many families to maintain their houses which are shabby or provide the necessary supplies for the winter of lighting and heating, which leads to the sinking of many houses with rain water.

3. The inability of many poor families, especially those with science students to provide an alternative lighting source ((LED network)) period of power outages during the winter.

4. Unemployment rates in the Gaza Strip rise to 42.7%, while the unemployment rate among youth and graduates in the Gaza Strip exceeded 60% while the number of unemployed reached more than 200 thousand people.

The bottom line is, only the people who are close to them know the suffering of the poor, so we urge you to donate and contribute to bringing happiness and reassurance to these families who need to warm them in the winter. Let us be an example of giving to help the poor and needy who tremble with the cold; to play our humanitarian role, to feel the concept of humanity and contribute as we can, to feel the taste and happiness of giving and to spread the smile and warmth of our hands in the hearts of children and the poor in Gaza.

With your support, we can shoulder our responsibilities towards this humanitarian disaster.

We urge you to donate and contribute to the most critical emergency needs in the Gaza Strip, and we are looking forward to your contribution.

We appreciate your support.

Let's all start with our loving energy to support them and we hope everyone will help, donate or share the campaign across your pages.

Help us so that we can meet all their needs.

We appeal to you to support them and we prefer that you donate directly via our association's PayPal: . We would appreciate even a contribution of 1$!

If you want to ask about anything, Please contact with us via the formal website:

E-mail: [email protected]


  • Alfadeela Association
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  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Feb 12, 2020
  • Sorry it can't be more Emam. May God bless you, z

  • Irfan Chowdhury
  • Donated on Feb 10, 2020

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Donors & Comments

65 donors
  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Feb 12, 2020
  • Sorry it can't be more Emam. May God bless you, z

  • Irfan Chowdhury
  • Donated on Feb 10, 2020
  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Feb 06, 2020
  • Tom Khoury
  • Donated on Feb 06, 2020
  • warren Nicholls
  • Donated on Feb 02, 2020
  • I am a pensioner and try to live on that income but helping people worse off is not too difficult

  • Olav
  • Donated on Feb 01, 2020
  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Jan 31, 2020
  • Basharat Hussain
  • Donated on Jan 30, 2020
  • May Allah protect you all In sha' Allah

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raised of $15,000.00 goal
12% Funded
65 Donors

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