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I have struggled for the past three and a half years to change the world and save others, regardless of my own circumstances. Now I myself am in pressing need.

I am a writer. In 2020, when the world needed my skills and services, I answered the call to serve. I researched, reported, and wrote about doctors and medicines that had the power to save lives from covid immediately. Because the media suppressed this, I had to teach myself how to build a website,, where I published the first edition of my book, a crowning achievement.

I did all of this on savings from previous jobs. While completing this Everestian task, I also had to manage my own medical condition, which can only be treated by a knowledgeable integrative, traditional herbal, or holistic doctor. For that reason, treatment is not covered by insurance.

My book is not just about covid. It is meant to initiate society into medical systems that actually have the power to prevent, treat, and cure infectious and chronic diseases: naturopathic, herbal, holistic, and integrative medicine. However, if the book had gone around the world on the day it was published, millions of lives would have been saved, and the covid holocaust would have been cut short. I did all of this to save lives. But the godless media didn’t want to save lives. I have contacted so many people over the past three years to help spread this immensely important book, to no avail, that I consider it to be the most suppressed book of the 21st Century.

While my finances were dwindling in 2022, I worked on a new edition. I had to pause because of failing health, which I could not adequately manage without being able to afford herbal and naturopathic medicines. I had no safety net.

I became homeless.

While homeless, I was able to resume and complete the new edition late last year: It took me four times as long to finish as it would have taken a healthy person in a house, but I persevered because I believe with my entire being that this book will change the world.

The above picture records the spot where I had just published the new edition of my book, when I was living in my car.

As you can see, the book has no reviews. That’s because the people who read and liked the first edition—for free—felt no desire to contribute their opinion to help sell the book. Most of my friends and contacts do not support my mission. They want to live in a world where the medical elites get to decide who lives and who dies, suppress speech, and ban all forms of medicine except for their own big-money drugs. I want to live in a world where everyone has access to proper healthcare from all of the doctors, with natural medicines that come from every corner of the globe.

I was homeless for almost a year. I kept the engine off at night often, even during the cold of winter, to save what little money I had. I have been able to find a few low-paying side jobs, but the only way that I've been able to survive the year is on gifts from a few friends and family. Their resources are limited; they have their own financial difficulties. Those gifts have run out.

So I need your help now more than ever.

I need $2,500 to stay afloat ASAP.

But that's only the beginning. I have depleted my entire savings trying to save a world that didn't care. I cannot support my housing. I need car maintenance, and money to buy vitamins and natural medicines to improve my medical symptoms so that I can do the job I was made to do.

I am continuing to seek fellow independent media outlets to help spread my book. I want to return to the "front lines" by writing influential new articles to publicize real science and promote medical freedom, but these efforts would need to be funded.

It is much easier to make a difference without having to worry about how I’m going to pay the bills with each passing month.

I am a healthcare warrior who has been willing to do the work that no one else would do. Now I need a supply line.

God bless you ♡

With light & hope, A.G.



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