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My fight with tumours started five years ago when I completely lost my hearing in my right ear and began to lose my balance. I went to the doctor. After numerous tests and magnets, brain tumours were discovered and I was urgently sent to KBC Rebro in Zagreb (Croatia) by Dr. Vukić. The doctor told me that my disease was genetically inherited and that it was a disease called neurofibromatosis type 2. He said that hearing in the right ear was lost forever because the tumour on the auditory nerve completely damaged the nerve. He discovered another tumour located on the nerve of the left ear that was operated soon after. The operation only reduced the size of the tumour, and the next step was irradiation. I pass numerous of those. The doctor said that I would not be able to hear temporarily (for 6 months to be exact) and that the left side of my face would be temporarily paralyzed. To resolve my problem for balance, the doctor mentioned that there is a possibility of more tumours along the spine and how I will need to have surgery. As a result of the spine continues development tumours on the spine, my right leg started to be numb and almost completely paralyzed. The operation of the auditory nerve was on June 3, 2016, and on June 15, 2016, 3 tumours were removed from my spine. After surgical recovery was painful and log. I was on physiotherapies and after a lot of effort, I started to learn to walk again.

Now, after a few years of fighting, I am completely deaf and I still have a facial paralysis. The paralyzed side of my face is still very visible when speaking or laughing and I am unable to close the left eye. The paralysis is gradually improving.

Doctors claim for now that the hearing will not return, however, there were few different cases similar to mine, and they recover hear loss. I still have a lot of tumours in my body on the nerve system. The most critical tumours are on the brain and in one eye. Those are still inactive, but they are existing and they are very large. Also, the tumour that was partially removed (the only one operated on the brain few years ago) is inactive and one tumour on the neck pice of spine is irradiated. I have 3 tumours that have activated but they are growing relatively slowly.

Tumours are unpredictable and need to be constantly monitored so I have to react quickly if they start growing fast. To be able to go and do all tests fast, I need to have money putted aside. There is an alternative solution to the disease, but of course, it also requires very large amount of money.

Unfortunatly, not only that our all savings is gone on previouse treatmants, it is more that we are in great debt. I am constantly looking for solutions for my illness and how to get more money and put it in fond for next emergency. I trying to stay positive.

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