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Our Wish for Men to understand Women better.

Having drifted and sometimes struggled through many years of a relationship with my wife and having seen the constant challenges that this brings, I was driven in search of knowledge that could assist me in a more harmonious way forward.

During my many months of research I realized, that my struggles were one of the most common issues faced by couples throughout the world. I also started to understand that many aspects were exacerbated during this past year with COVID. Couples and families forced into some degree of pandemic driven “lockdown” were spending more time together in what was and still is a stressed environment. With this in mind and now focused on trying to improve my relations, I decided why not try to improve this issue on a worldwide basis. The idea of using an application was formed! I understood this would not work with mens input alone so my wife agreed to assist and we joined forces together.

In brief, the application was developed to try to help Men understand and interact better with Women. The ultimate goal being to make men and women "Happy together"

It is general knowledge that men and women are not only physically, but also mentally different. The phrase "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" is frequently used to imply the huge differences that exist between the sexes. Indeed at times it did seem we were from different planets. Of course, this not actually being the case so there must be a solution to this age-old problem!

Would a man likes to understand a woman’s emotions, a woman’s libido or the emotional needs of a woman? How to talk to a woman? Why can women be flighty? Why does a womens libido change? When does a woman ovulate and is most fertile? These are some of the questions we based our research on and believe will motivate men to search for understanding by using the App.

What we achieve within the application is to pass on the science behind the real differences between men and women. As the situation is constantly changing, we make it easy to understand and to follow on a daily basis. We offer insight and tips to improve our comprehension of and communication with women. Ultimately this is the way we achieve the goal of a more harmonious relationship. The app is easy to use with an attractive interface that leads you to all of the many functions. Instead of me writing more details about it, below is a link to the website that gives an overview and additionally gives you links to download the early-stage version of the App and try it for yourself.

Our community, nation and indeed the world are facing the same problems that I did. I truly believe that this simple application will lead to better understanding and communication with women. Spend some time on the app and with a little effort you will see great improvements and rewards.

Having dedicated our own funds and extensive amounts of time we already developed the early version of Happy Together application and website. We now need Your help to raise further capital for improvement of the project, continued development, translations into more languages and advertising.

We promise to keep you all updated on our progress and the intended future developments. Just as importantly and for the sake of openness and clarity, anyone that does kindly donate to this cause can write and ask for details on how funds are being used. Currently the Application is free, but to aid in fund raising there will be an in-app puchase available for additional functions.

Please help us to improve our relationships and understanding, we firmly believe this will lead to a better world not only in these COVID times but forever in the future.


Simple Man with the Family and Dreams

Simple Man with the Family and Dreams

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Donated So Far
Raised offline: €350.00
Total: €350.00

Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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