Guesthouse with minifarm and animalshelter

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Dear Friends!

Since childhood I always dreamt about living one with nature, being around animals and produce my own food. In other words: I always wanted to build a sustainable form of living, where plants are ecologically tended treated without any substances that would harm the nature, and where all of the animals are treated with respect and love, not just the pets but the farm animals too that we would ethically kill causing them the least of pain and saving them from suffering.

I would create a business which sustains itself. I'd like to produce the food consumed by the animals I'd keep, and that are consumed by us. As for the farm animals I'm planning to keep poultry (duck, chicken, geese), goats, sheep, and emus - as a more sustainable source of meat and eggs. As I am planning to establish a small guesthouse, I'd also keep a few horses, calm in nature and well trained for hobby horse-riding. And as a unique feature I'd keep some exotic animals, such as various reptiles (snakes, tortoises, lizards) and exotic birds (parrots).

My dream is to support also some animal shelters, by becoming a temporary owner for some of their animals, offering the guests of the guesthouse spending with those animals quality time, to let them get to know each other. Encouraging their adoption.

I would use the founds for buying a property suitable for my goals and to upgrade it with the most ecologically sustanible solutions. For example: installing solar pads (on the roof of the guesthouse), drilling a well for watering, and installing an electric generator that operates with biomass (I would use it to produce energy for the lightning and the heating for the buildings where the animals are kept).

My dream turned into reality would benefit not just myself and my family, but animals in shelters, the village I plan to settle down in (which is not claryfied yet but I want to choose a smaller village in Pest county with developing infrastructure). Also this would create various job opportunities for gardeners, farmers, animal handlers, and others working in fields of agriculture, husbandry and hospitality.

As you can see I have great many ideas, and I am working on the solutions day by day. I'm planning to enter entrepreneurial competitions with my idea, but most of them need base funds which I, unfortunately lack. Also they are usually don't suppport the funds for property and both agriculture and hospitality which would give the uniqeness of this project.

As for the funds, it is a long term project, so it is not urgent, but I'd need the money raised in three years. By that time I will be graduated in Wildlife management, that would certainly help my progress in this project.

Getting the funds for this dream would change my life, and I believe change is infectious and I can promise I will change many other's life for the better if I'm able to create this. Beside my bboundless gratitude, those who aid me are free to visit my farm and guesthouse after it finally opens.

Thank you in advance, and I wish we'll meet you there.



Handmade jewelry

Handpainted T-shirt with animals on them

A medium painting or a high quality print of them of their choice


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raised of €2,600.00 goal
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