Help, Grael Ashly Fernandez beat Covid and Stroke

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March 5, 2021; a very different morning in our household. My husband was taken by the Department of Health and Authority for isolation, he got tested positive with Covid 19. Grael, my youngest son is not in his usual inquisitive self. He is a very jolly and active boy but not today; he misses his father and had difficulty accepting that his dad; his best friend, will not be with us for ten days. He is really frightened about the whole situation. On that same day, while Grael is having his afternoon nap I heard a soft scream, a strange kind of sound; I thought he is dreaming; I checked upon him, he looked at me in a dreamy state; so I let him go back to sleep. Call it paranoia or mother’s instinct, but I start to observe him sleep; he is restless in the next hour. Around 4 pm, I woke him up, he quickly sits up and looked at me blankly, confused and agitated. And then I noticed his right arm is not moving; he is dragging his right arm. I tried to give him simple instructions but he was unable to follow; he became more confused I've decided to call 999 for assistance.

He was rushed to the emergency department of Latifa Hospital, he was examined by the Pediatric Neurologist and other teams of specialists. CT scan angiography of the brain was done, under anesthesia since he is really agitated and non-cooperative, many blood tests were also done. Then he was transferred to ICU for close monitoring. While I was sent back home since my result came positive after they repeat the PCR swab test when we arrived at the hospital, fortunately, his was negative. I felt the whole world on my shoulder, my hands are totally tied, how can I attend to my son’s need if my situation is like this. I left him alone in the hospital, I entrust my son’s life to all the doctors and nurses of Latifa Hospital. I lift up my worries and fear to our Lord Jesus. My heart is crushed. He is getting better according to his doctor but then this morning March 8, we received another blow; he tested positive with his PCR test yesterday. Right now I am holding on to our Lord Jesus Christ for his mercy and guidance.

And now I am knocking to your kind heart to help us finance and support his medical bill towards his recovery. His father lost his job since 2015, I’m the only 1 supporting the family financially and we are not prepared for these very unfortunate incident. I want him to get back on his feet, enjoy life-his youth and fulfill all his dreams- to explore the world.

You can reach me thru this number +971565395968 for clarification.

Thank you for your generosity and God Bless you always.

Shyla Guanco Fernande

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May 06


Update posted by Shyla Fernandez at 09:58 am

As we close this campaign, we would like to thank each and everyone who went out of their way to extend their hand to my family. Words of thanks are not enough to express my gratitude to all of you, your prayers meant a lot; your prayers helped us passed

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Mar 20

Grael current condition

Update posted by Shyla Fernandez at 07:05 am

Grael's condition is already stable, he is out of the ICU now, and currently staying in Special Unit Ward in Latifa Hospital. My sister, Menchie is accompanying him. I would like to thank you for your prayers and your financial help. Our focus now is physical rehabilitation to return to

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Mar 10

Grael's current condition

Update posted by Shyla Fernandez at 05:16 pm

Grael's doctor confirmed an Arterial Ischemic Stroke; affecting the middle cerebral artery (MCA), left. He is currently on a feeding tube, has weakness on the right side of his body, and has a speech problem.

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raised of $30,000.00 goal
16% Funded
46 Donors

No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities