God said I need to start a new way of living

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Hello everyone,

I don't know how to start my case,i'm not so god at words.But i can say that i have a real problem,it's not a scam.

So ,my story starts in 2007 when i was involved in a traffic accident,i was ridding my moto,and a car driver didn't saw me,he pulled the car in my direction,i got scared and i didn't want him to hit me,so i stopped in the end of a garbage truck.I broked my right leg very bad and my left ankle,got to the hospital by ambulance,and the doctor said that it's ok, i should get better.But it wasn't like that ,in 2 days my right leg got worst,after that i requested a hospital transfer,so i got to the best hospital in Bucharest,Floreasca Hospital,there the doctors said i had to enter for urgent in the operating room,after 4 hours,i awaked and the doctor gave me a paper to sign,he said that or he amputates my leg or in 24h i will die,because of septicemia.It's oviouse i said yes,so i woke up after the operation with out my right leg,but that was not all,An infection got over my leg,and i had to stay for about 9 months in hospital,that my doctor could save my knee.And he did it,,it was a succes,i was young and strong.God bless that doctor.

Now,in 2016 i have a job i'm a sales representant ,i sale chainsaws and garden carement utilities,i love my job,but in Romania salaries are realy low,i work for 250 euros/month.it's garbage,

I have a prosthetic leg from Ottobock,it was so expensive that i had to loan money from my boss and bank,about 2500 euros.

I'm ashamed that i have to ask you to help me,but only a knee joint for prosthetic leg it's about 350 euros and a silicon liner 250 euros,theese are things that i have to change at a 6 months maximum.

I don't have money for theese needs,i need money to live.

At your request i'll send you pictures and hospital decissions if you don't think it's true

Thank you very much!!

P.S.-Sorry if my english is bad,i hobe you'll understand


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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