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Update posted by Arturs Polis On May 03, 2016

Oh my God - the last 3 days for the campaign...
I have to say that I am very happy and blessed to be supported by 19 backers so far!!! It might seem small, but it means a lot to me.

So, I am already in the celebration mood. My 30th birthday is in 2 days!!! Yey!!!

And I have chosen Kemeri National Park for my 30th birthday celebration hike! Never been there, do not know what to expect, but should be nice and a lot of nature... The weather is also going to be nice and sunny (+19 degrees). Everyone is welcome to join!

So, who is coming with me?...

Date: 7th May (Saturday)

Time: 11:20 - 16:00

Meeting point: Bus stop "Meža māja", Ķemeri at 11:20

Some extra info:

Planning of traveling:
Train Riga - Kemeri: 9:20 - 10:22
Bus No. 6 Kemeri - "Meža māja": 11:13 - 11:20

Bus No 6 "Meža māja" - Ķemeri: 16:00 - 16:08
Train Kemeri - Riga: 16:56 - 17:56

What to bring with?
Just yourself and some food for a potluck lunch in nature.

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Update posted by Arturs Polis On Apr 11, 2016

Dear Supporters,

The campaign is slowly approaching its finish in 25 days… Well, in fact it is just the start for much bigger things to happen! And I am very excited about that!

So, lately I have been working hard (I mean my regular job) and saving money in order to make things really happen. It is kinda an unknown territory when it comes to questions like - how much will the land actually cost, have much will I have saved by then, how much people will have donated in order to support me… However, I trust in life that things will just happen despite all the odds! As written by Vladimir Megre: if your idea is worth happening, then it will happen!
I am not even close to the goal of the campaign - 7000 Euro. But I also have to say that reaching this goal would just mean that I am on the totally safe side when it comes to possible prices. So, it is not that bad after all - I trust also in my own abilities to raise funds in other ways. And in the worst case I will just need a bit more time than expected. And I am extremely patient, you know. :)

However, I am happy to announce that there are 18 supporters standing behind me so far. And here are some interesting statistics...

The activity country-wise so far:

Latvia - 4 supporters
France - 2 supporters
Sweden - 2 supporters
Turkey - 2 supporters
Slovenia - 2 supporters
Germany - 2 supporters
USA - 1 supporter
Spain - 1 supporter
Poland - 1 supporter
Estonia - 1 supporter

Thank you, guys!!!

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Update posted by Arturs Polis On Mar 12, 2016

Dear supporters,

The last 11 days have not been as generous as the beginning of the campaign - we are still at 5%...
Therefore I would like to share a few thoughts around this topic.

What would happen if the campaign ended with only 5% collected?

Even though 5% is certainly not enough to buy a land, it is a very nice boost for the project anyway.
There are a few possibilities to find a solution for the lack of funds:

  • finding a cheaper than average piece of land,
    That means a little bit less of a flexibility and more time investment to find an appropriate land.
  • lending money from friends and family,
    In this case I would look for interest-free loans with as flexible payback terms as possible.
  • delaying the purchase for a while,
    That is not a preferable solution, but an option if we see that a couple of months can generate more savings and collected funds for our group. Have to take into account also the ever-rising prices.

Do you have any ideas for dealing with the lack of funds? If so, do not hesitate to share! ;)

However, I am still optimistic! There are 55 days to go...


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Update posted by Arturs Polis On Mar 01, 2016

Dear supporters,

I am happy to come up with the 1st update after launching this Crowdfunding campaign 11 days ago.
It has been a really awesome time to witness the first 5% of funding arriving. Huge thanks to all the 12 donators who made it possible!

I would like to come up with some stats about the activity country-wise so far.

Latvia - 4 donators
France - 2 donators (but the most generous!)
Sweden - 2 donators
Turkey - 1 donator
Slovenia - 1 donator
USA - 1 donator
Spain - 1 donator

It is great to see people supporting my dream from all over the world. And I am extremely curious how this list will change in the coming days. ;)
The next update is coming no later than in 11 days!

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Donate €1.00 Or More

Every contributor is invited to my “birthday-party-picnic” in 2016 and 2017.

8 Backers

Donate €30.00 Or More

A self-made printed “Thank You!” photo-card, if you do not manage to visit the party-picnic.

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Donate €150.00 Or More

I will plant a flower dedicated to honor your contribution in the “contributor’s plant-bed” and send you a photo.

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I will plant a tree dedicated to honor your contribution in the “contributor’s alley” and send you a photo.

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Donate €500.00 Or More

I will plant a tree. You will receive a personal video-greeting from me from the site as soon as the land is found and bought.

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Donate €700.00 Or More

I will plant a tree. I will send a personal video-greeting. I will use my permaculture knowledge to improve your garden (consultation on Skype or an on-site visit if in Latvia). For a total amount of 1 day.

0 Backers

Donate €1000.00 Or More

I will plant a tree. I will send a personal video-greeting. I will use my permaculture knowledge to design a garden for you.

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Elgars Felcis

Backed with €20.00 On May 05, 2016


Lai izdodas!

Inguna Miluna

Backed with €100.00 On Apr 11, 2016


Paulina Chodnicka

Backed with €10.00 On Apr 06, 2016


I wish your dream come true :)

Nilay Dönmez

Backed with €20.00 On Mar 30, 2016


Don't give up no matter how small you have to start! :)

Madis K

Backed with €37.00 On Mar 27, 2016


I wish you all the best for your project, Arturs! Go for it!!! You will forfill your dreams.

Alya Lang

Backed with €10.00 On Mar 25, 2016



Backed with €40.00 On Mar 02, 2016


Aleksandrs Pavlovics

Backed with €6.00 On Feb 26, 2016


I hope you achieve your dream, Arturs. Your personal light, courage and motivation change the world. Thank you for showing me what an ecovillage is.

Ros Martínez

Backed with €10.00 On Feb 25, 2016


Linards Liberts

Backed with €30.00 On Feb 25, 2016

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