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Hello everyone,

I am a person from Poland who is passionate about true-crime stories.
I have been into this subject since i remember.
I am always curious about human behaviors. Furthermore, the mindset of criminals that i am always interested to think about, to study and investigate .
So based on my interest, i would really love to share my point of view. My presentations are not only to someone who has the same interest. I would also hope to bring attention to everyone a message that miseries happened on earth sometimes are not being well concerned.
I am a person also fond of history.
I also believe that my channel could help me to spread the awareness that people should learn from the history, to avoid the mistakes has been made once.

Eventhough, the videos i am working for are speaking in polish language.
However to develop them in English is always my final goal due so many cases they are actually happened aboard.

Hence, I am here looking for some support that could help me to improve.
I would like to introduce the steps of my performance at first.

1.- Choosing topic
2.- Investigation -
-Collecting information from book or website internationally to get as much as information and as accurate as possible.
- Then to sort all information i have collected due there are always plenty of amounts, it always takes time to analyse and digest.
3.- Next is to summarize all the sorted information as a full case.I usually write a scenario with more than 10 pages equals to 20-60 mins video duration. Aims the presentation to audience can be as reliable as possible.
4.- After, to record the sound track and the video .
5.- Finally, it comes the video editing and cutting.
6.- At last i can convert the video then upload to Youtube.

Why i need help?
The most important thing to me is the subject i am doing for Youtube that they actually cannot be ads sponsored because crime sense is not advertiser-friendly content in their rules.

Secondly, most of the information are for free i can search online or book from library, however sometimes some important sources either need to be purchased or they cost money to get access.

Third, all the equipment i use for my videos, they are just kinda old and not enough for managing video recording & editing.

What i need and how they can help?
- A solid tripod
- A proper computer device
- A full version of video editor software
They can help me to improve the video quality and the efficiency of recording and editing . The video will be more riveting and i will be more productive.
Yet ,
- A English native speaker!
As i mentioned, i would love to do my videos also in English langauge.
So if there is any native speaker fond of the same thing ,having similar interests. I would really love to invite you to take part in it.

Thank you for your attention and read all.
I really wish that i can get support from any of you!
The channel i am doing, I also hope may bring some help for those victims or their family in unsolved cases.
To get more attention may have a chance to get more clues to solve as soon as possible.

Here is my channel, i invite you to have a visit !
Have a nice day all!


A souvenir send from Poland

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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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