Get my cats and me to Cambodia to continue to live

Update posted by Frank Opmeer On Sep 18, 2018

Today had an appointment with Pattaya Orphanage / Children's Home Foundation Pattaya ( they showed me all, and i must say it is a great place, unfortunately there was no place free anymore for Volunteer, this pretty much put me down today, because i really liked it and would be great if there was a place free, that means getting myself a working Visa, and will solve the problem and many more, and in the meantime you doing something great! I drive a lot around leaving my Curriculum, send emails etc. but so far no luck whatsoever or they ask me to work illegally what will not help me at all and i do not want that.

Today just sad, was really hoping for this, it will turn things around completely,, unfortunately i am never that lucky. For today i just work on the internet. Can not bring it up to go somewhere, just a sad day i guess. It's very hard to get help.... getting very desperate.

thanks for reading... if someone does..

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Update posted by Frank Opmeer On Sep 17, 2018

Pig Tail (named after his TAIL that looks like the tail of a pig) she is the mother of all of them always clean them and sleep next to them... here she takes some time for herself... She always cries... and always comes to you to sit with you.... i got her many years ago, she just came to my house with another one and they stayed... she getting old and a bit grey, makes me worry...

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Update posted by Frank Opmeer On Sep 14, 2018

Pig Tail sleeping....(for once quiet...)

Boefie nice waiting i come with my cafe

the dogs that always come...

it is rainy today so they stay at home....

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Update posted by Frank Opmeer On Sep 12, 2018

Very scared sometimes, i try not to think to much, because it makes me sad and desperate, but time is ticking and sometimes i feel helpless, i am a freelancer work ALL day from morning to evening, around 14-16 hours to keep me busy, now i also visit restaurants etc. in the day to present my CV, hopefully i will be hired, but it is low season and to hire a foreigner is not cheap for the company. i try every possible way to be able to stay. of course i am rather here then in Cambodia, but what can i do at this point, worry to much...maybe, just scared.

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Update posted by Frank Opmeer On Sep 10, 2018

Thank you Dorien for your donation that is very generous. It was very nice to wake up and had that message of Gogetfunding and of you. This makes our day positive and certainly gives a big stimulation for me to continue, i would never expected this not even in my wildest dreams. Just amazing!

God bless you!

SWEETY (the naughty one) Caught him in the act...that happens if you leave the toilet open.. .

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Update posted by Frank Opmeer On Sep 09, 2018

a second donation that took me by surprise, no words for this at all, just now i saw the message with the donation and it certainly brings tears to my eyes. It is all true unfortunately, life can be really hard and if you never have been in this position you can not imagine, the desperate, scared, lonely feeling that keeps hunting you 24 hours a day. What can i say when i huge my cats or just see them it remembers me that the clock is ticking fast... that is a unbearable feeling that goes on day in and day out. I just want to be sure i can stay with them until the end.

God Bless You All.

(i added a video to the campaign because i could not added in the update unfortunately, my biggest cat 'BUFFALO' i guess he is saying THANK YOU!

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Update posted by Frank Opmeer On Sep 08, 2018

Wow, i am very excited today when i received a message that Lajos Vas donated to our campaign! iam very happy with this, meaning there are people out there that do care, This is the most kind thing i ever had and it really makes my day! It turned a smile on my face. I can not say enough times THANK YOU for your kindness! God Bless You!

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Update posted by Frank Opmeer On Sep 03, 2018

have not much time to share these days, i am overbooked with many projects, trying to get funds for this, my friend is helping me to share it.

Yesterday 1 of my cats got hurt, has a big scratch on his body, going to bring him later to the veterinarian. because it needs some treatment, You can notice he is not feeling ok, that i never like i want my cats to be ok and relax, no pain, no stress. please do share if you can not help out. Appreciate it a lot!

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Update posted by Frank Opmeer On Aug 28, 2018

after a long day work (me 14-16 hours) not the cat, she slept all day...and came to sleep on me...that night i slept on the couch...

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Update posted by Frank Opmeer On Aug 26, 2018

days are counting, i try to share as much i can, much it is very difficult, i work 14-16 hours a day, so tired in the evening, not making much sales as a freelancer lately and web owner of (trying to make it a success as well) playing today with my cats a lot it makes me smile and relax, they always funny and very loving, always come to me to sleep with me or just to be nice to me, i fall asleep on the couch last night and they all slept around and on me, that is so great to wake up like that. please people help us out...

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This fundraiser campaign catched my eye and I felt I had to make a donation. I really hope you get this campaign funded for the sake of you and your cats. The love you have for animals should be extremely big. Not everyone is lucky in life and many people are in desperate situations that effect others or in your case your cats. I wish and pray that you and your cats will stay together and have a happy life. Good luck and I will share it on Facebook

Dorien de Groot

Backed with $65.00 On Sep 10, 2018


Keep be strong Frank.. i hope more donation will help you and your 5 cats. People need to be aware. They dont help only you. but most of all they help 5 beautiful cats survive. I know how difficult it is getting help in Thailand. Not even my friends helped me many years ago. i was hungry. many days. the good thing was. i was confident that my retirement money comes in one month and i had to survive one month only. But when you are down and in need of help. the saddest thing is to see that no one is willing to help.They could but they dont want . they can not feel the desperation od not be able seeing a change into better coming. Desperation hurt more than hunger.not even a bit. All the best . i shared your campaign in Facebook. and Twitter and G+. i really hope that someone is willing to open his heart. 5 $ no one would even miss when its gone. we give money for everything. why not help someone in need. especially when 5 cats can get food and shelter. and you are always good to the cats. this should count for so many animal advocates. all the best Frank. maybe one Day we can have a drink. i m in Pattaya too . retired.

Lajos Vas

Backed with $20.00 On Sep 09, 2018


so sorry my friend. i think my donation alone wont help but i wanted to get it going and place a sign. because i felt sorry no one helped. take care and god bless you and your sweet cats. i have also cats and i know how much love cats can give. without giving problems ...I am also not lucky in love, women are not like cats . they always want something from men. i dont speak about love ... u know what i mean.

Lajos Vas

Backed with $15.00 On Sep 08, 2018

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