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Update posted by Lois Evans On Mar 02, 2015

Just a little update on our progress so far...

We are a third of the way!! £650 = $1000!!

If we can get another £650 raised then max is pretty much at camp for sure!

So thankyou for you help and donations so far but dont stop now, keep them coming and lets get the next chunk done!



When the grand total is raise I am going to break the news to Max on video...

I cant wait to see his little face light up!!

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Update posted by Lois Evans On Feb 15, 2015

Thankyou all so far! xxx

This is a big ask and writing this has been super difficult for me, so please take 2 minutes to read this and if possible, share the post and donate too. 
My mum got diagnosed with Myeloma 2 years ago ish. For those of you who don't know what Myeloma is, it is cancer of the blood. This is not a cancer that can be removed and cured, however it can be treated to give mum a longer time to be a mum to me and Max (my little brother). Mum recently had a stem cell transplant after months and months of chemo and many up and down moments of whether she was ready to go into hospital for the treatment or not. It seemed an impossible situation because her blood count needed to be high enough for the transplant but she has cancer killing her good blood cells… but some how she managed to fight it and was ready for the transplant at the beginning of this year. Throughout this time, I've been trying to lead a normal life travelling as well as trying to be a good daughter and big sister. I went home (to the UK) for what was meant to be 1 month in March 2014 but ended up staying for 5. (Mum told me to carry on my travels because... Quote MUM: "If I die you will be soul guardian of Max, so have as much fun as you can, just in case.") Throughout this whole period, Max (my little brother) has not been living the life of a normal 11 year old. He has had to look after mum, he has had to look after himself, he has had many times of seeing mum in a state which no one should have to see their mother like. We have been lucky to have the support of our fantastic friends and I am pleased to say that the stem cell transplant went well. There was always the possibility that Mum's body would reject the new stem cells, but thankfully she is slowly but surely fighting on like the warrior she is!
Now that you know the story behind my fundraising, please support as much as you can. Whether that be sharing this post or whether that be donating £1. Max has had little child hood these past 18 months and 8 weeks in America where he can be a kid and for a moment and it also gives Mum the chance to focus purely on herself and getting 100% better.
Please be as generous as you can afford to be.…

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good luck!


Backed with £5.00 On Mar 30, 2015


enjoy the moment!

Tim and Ceri

Backed with £200.00 On Mar 21, 2015



Backed with £10.00 On Mar 16, 2015


Managed to raise this so far from the sale of my zine with thanks to all the wonderful people who bought a copy (from all around the world!) We can do it!

Abigail Stevens

Backed with £80.00 On Mar 14, 2015


I hope that you and your brother gets reunited soon. Good luck! I wish you all the best! If anyone have the time pls visit:


Posted On Mar 09, 2015



Backed with £5.00 On Feb 27, 2015


Lisa Evans

Backed with £1.00 On Feb 26, 2015


Was all I could afford to donate but every little helps! Hope you reach your target!!

Tarra :)

Backed On Feb 24, 2015 Amount Hidden



Backed with £5.00 On Feb 23, 2015


What a wonderful thing to do for your brother! Good luck. x

Nicky Rolph

Backed with £5.00 On Feb 19, 2015

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