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In 2020, because of COVID-19, many people lost their jobs and are looking for a new one. One way out of this situation is to work in the Internet.

It's no secret that everyone really wants to earn cryptocurrency, but now it's very difficult: You need expensive equipment, electricity, premises, security. It is now unrealistic for an ordinary person to earn BTC with the help of mining.

I suggest you support a unique project to create and launch a bot for trading on the world's leading crypto exchanges.

The trading algorithm that is the basis of the bot's operation has already been tested manually on real BTC trading. This bot will allow even an untrained trading person to increase their BTC in just a few days.

How the bot will work:

1. The trader deposits funds to the account of a crypto-exchange (for example, Binance).

2. The bot settings specify the required IP address for trading the specified balance. Important: the bot can only trade this balance, it can't withdraw BTC or transfer them somewhere.

3. The bot starts trading using the algorithms it has set up.

4. Trader in real time can be observed as growing its balance sheet.

Advantages of the new trading bot compared to its analogues:

1.Work on several crypto exchanges at once.

2.Non-standard approach to trading.

3.High percentage of profit (up to 10% per day).


The collected funds will be spent on:

- creating a bot;

- server rentals;

- the installation of a bot on the server;

- testing the bot and fixing bugs;

- working capital for trading;

- payment of service fees and taxes.