Game “Believe not believe”

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How to play Believe-Don't-Believe

The main goal of this card game is to learn how to bluff and unravel the deception of other participants. You can play with a regular deck or buy a special set for children. In this case, instead of queens and jacks, the pictures depict animals and objects. But this will not make the competition less interesting.

It is better to compete in the ability to bluff in a large company. At least three people must participate in the game. One of the players shuffles the deck and distributes the same number of symbols to each player. Please note that there are 45 pieces in the set. Therefore, remove the extra ones if the deck is not divided into all participants without a remainder. Game order:

1. The participant sitting to the left of the dealer is the first to lay out at least two cards face down and say what is depicted on them. For example, giraffes or bears. Moreover, these pictures can be completely different.

2. The next participant can believe him and report his own to the pictures. Or the player says “I don’t believe”. Then the pictures are opened and the participants see if there was a deception. If there really are the named bears or giraffes, then the one who does not believe will have to take them for himself. If the participant guessed the deception, then the “fraudster” takes the pictures.

3. Suppose the second player believed that the two pictures laid out were bears and reported his own to them. The move goes to the third participant and he already decides whether they are trying to deceive him. The player opens the pictures, and if there are other animals, then the second participant will have to pick them up.

4. If a player has four cards of the same suit in his hands, then they are thrown out in the “retreat”.

The winner will be the one who is the first to get rid of all cards in hand.

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