Pontinha – History in making. – Do you want to be a part of an unique chance to wake up the forgotten Principiallity? The Portuguese State and gouverment do not agree, and even though they have confirmed the Royal Charter of The Kings letter from 1903 – they are trying to remove his property and strip him for his leagal rights. We have therefor established a fund – to raise enough Means for the costly fight with the state to keep Ponthina and this man’s right. Even on an International level. All means raised will be used for courtfees and lawyers. A bit about Ponthina: Pontinha – Principado Ilhéu da Pontinha – a little Island with a big history timeline. The Principiality Of Pontinha – The forgotten Isle Of Principiallity History The small historic Volcanic Island – Pontinha has its history in common with Portugal dating back to 1419, when the Captains Jaoa Goncalves Zarko and Tristão Vaz, on behalf of Prince Henry the Navigator, landed on the rock. They first took refuge in a cave on Ilheu as Pontinha because they did not know if there were dangerous animals in Madeira, which was overgrown with forest. Here, they carved out stairs and built a shed, as one can see the remains of the day. There is also a Fort – Fort Saint Jose. ( Forte São José ) which was built in the mid- 1700s. This Fort once had a unique architecture. Pontinha had early a weighty role as … Continue reading PONTINHA-HISTORY IN MAKING