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Update posted by Kimberly Harper On Oct 22, 2018

To all my donors, both online and offline: Thank you!

I'm just under 2/3 of the way to my goal, and I am getting closer every day. I still need $1,507.00 to cover my remaining October expenses, medical bills, & Mom's Groceries. This is the top priority.

The estimated remaining $1,494.00 Program Fee allowance can come later.

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Update posted by Kimberly Harper On Sep 25, 2018

A huge thank you to all my donors! I have raised just under 1/3 of my $7,500.00 total, most of it offline. I am grateful for each and every dollar that was donated, whether online or offline. Just $5,002.68 yet to go.

I was hoping to have my bills caught up by the end of September. That priority has now shifted. The urgent total needed is still $2,902.00, but how it will be distributed has changed. Travel expenses of $400.00 remain unchanged.

The remaining $2,502.00 needed ASAP, and originally designated for September bills, will now have to be used to cover October's rent, groceries & early-month expenses. Approximate due dates are listed by each item.

$400.00 Travel Reserve still needed, due October 1 (paid in full)

$500.00 My share of October's rent, due October 1 (paid in full)

$450.00 My son's share of October's rent, due October 1 (paid in full)

$50.00 Monthly Expense due by October 1 (paid in full)

$200.00 Groceries at home, needed by October 5 (paid in full)

$600.00 Monthly Expenses due by October 10 ($305.00 still needed)

$355.00 Outstanding Medical Bill, needed by October 20

$147.00 Balance of Groceries at home, needed by October 20

$200.00 Balance of Monthly Expenses due after October 20

Plus I still need to cover these items on or after October 20:

$500.00 Groceries for Mom

$1,494.00 Reserve for this platform's program fees (estimated)

At this point, any funding in excess of my requested total will first go toward the $1,800.00 of September bills that are getting pushed back. I also still plan to use part of the excess funds to help Mom with her expenses.

I am hopeful that everything will work out.

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Update posted by Kimberly Harper On Sep 13, 2018

I just learned that due to unforeseen circumstances, I may have to cover our roommate's share of October's rent in addition to my son's & my own. Guess that I may have to delay (again!) a bill I was hoping to pay in full by the end of this month. It's either that, or raise an additional $500.00. Not what I had originally planned, but somehow I will manage.

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Update posted by Kimberly Harper On Sep 10, 2018

First, I want to say Thank You! to my anonymous donor. Your contribution is enough to show my campaign in the public listings. This is a HUGE step forward for me, and I am truly grateful.

I am also grateful for all of my off-line donors. Every bit helps, and the cumulative "bits" now total almost 1/3 of my goal amount. Your donations are truly appreciated. Thank you all!

I am also grateful for anyone who is willing to help promote my campaign, and get me funded faster. This is the first time I have used a platform like this, so I'm learning by trial and error. I welcome any hints from experienced fundraisers or donors on this platform that will help me achieve my goal.

I am very hopeful that I will make this goal. Anything above my target will apply to extra grocery money for my mom and to the October rent & expenses for my son & I.

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Update posted by Kimberly Harper On Aug 30, 2018

August rent of $483.43 has been paid in full. The remaining breaks down as follows:

$482.83 My September Rent (paid in full)

$431.06 September Rent for my son (paid in full)

$50.00 Bill due September 1 (paid in full on September 7)

$1,000.00 Expenses due by September 10 (paid in full)

$500.00 Groceries to help Mom

$500.00 Reserve to get back home ($100.00 received on September 7)

$2,502.00 Remaining September Expenses & Outstanding bills, Medical bills

Balance is reserve for GoGetFunding program/processing fees (around $1,500.00)

I need $2,902.00 ASAP in order to pay the balance of my September monthly expenses that are due by September 25 and have enough funds to get home. The balance can trickle in into October and I'll still be okay - I would just need to extend the deadline.

Any amount in excess of my $7,500 total (or any surplus from the processing fee reserve) will be used for October's rent, groceries at home, and bills due by October 10. It will also be used to help Mom with groceries.

Every little bit helps. Thank you!!

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Update posted by Kimberly Harper On Aug 19, 2018

It seems I am not having any luck with this campaign. I have extended the end date twice,but the donors do not seem to be there. I will need to tweak my strategy. However, I am still hopeful that I can get funded. Thank you to everyone who reads my posts and passes on my message. You are all greatly appreciated!

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Update posted by Kimberly Harper On Aug 02, 2018

I'm on my way! I had an offline contribution of $483.43 on July 31, which covered my rent for August. Whew! Just another $2,000.00 to go by August 10, and the remaining $1,500.00 by August 24.

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Thank you to my $20 anonymous donor!

Kimberly Harper

Posted On Oct 21, 2018



Backed with $20.00 On Oct 10, 2018


To my anonymous donor: Thank you! Thank you SO much for your contribution. Every little bit helps and your donation is most appreciated.

Kimberly Harper

Posted On Sep 10, 2018



Backed with $100.00 On Sep 06, 2018

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