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Mbwenda Primary School is situated in Matabeleland South along Nswazi dust road that is +-36 km in Bulilima Rural District Council in Plumtree.

The main objective for this project is to provide transport for School children when going for sporting activities. I was once a learner in this School and felt pain when we traveled for Sport by foot covering almost +-70 km. I feel pain when our current generation is still facing the same journey/problem that i went through. I feel its my duty to make a difference for my community by asking for help from any well wishers and God will bless any one of you who will extend a helping hand. So the scripture says and i quote 'Blessed is the hand that giveth'. The funds received will benefit the current young generation and the future generation not forgetting Teachers who also face challenges with transport to go and receive their salaries.

The following are the problems faced by the School that need attention:

1. Transport needed for Kids to go for Sporting activities (Need to buy a Mini bus)
2. School needs repainting as it is losing its original color and classroom doors are in bad state of repair.
3. Borehole not working and Agricultural activities are affected as Kids resort to fetching water 3 KM away from the School.
4. Communication (Provide internet and computer system for School management)
5. Build modern Toilet system for improved hygiene and disease prevention.

The Donations will be appreciated as soon as possible as we are approaching the year end. It will be great if the school will start its new year (2021) on fresh start with some major problems being solved. Its not an easy task but we can't give up on our Kids as they can not help them selves.

Making a difference in my community will mean a lot to me and i will be more than happy to contribute in the development of the young generation as they are the future leaders of our beloved country. It will also mean a lot to the Child headed families as the excess funds will be extended to the payment of their School fees.

48337022_1590596623498714_r.jpegA borehole that is not working and needs to be fixed to promote Agricultural activities.

48337022_1590596958438312_r.jpegRoad School signage not visible and need to be painted and reprinted.