Funding for Food & Greenhouse on your Phone

Introduction The Funding for Food campaign is starting a Hydroponic farm called Hydro Farming in the Southern part of Africa which will supply food, create job opportunities and help people with disabilities to provide for their families. This project also involves the development of a mobile application and installing infrastructure to enable remote monitoring for greenhouses. This enables you to become part of the project no matter where you are. What’s in it for you? With the remote monitoring capabilities you will be able to take part in this project by managing or monitoring either part of a greenhouse or your own separate greenhouse. This will include profit sharing of the crops produced by your greenhouse. All the setup and physical labor will be done for you and you will be supplied with all relevant stats regarding your greenhouse. Live video footage will be available to you through the mobile application and you can see your crops grow from the comfort of your home. How will we achieve this? The App We are in collaboration with a mobile app development company called Enginosoft. They have highly skilled engineers ready to start with this project as soon as the funding are available. Only a small portion of the funds raised will go towards the development of the application to cover costs. The application is Enginosoft’s contribution towards the bigger project – accelerating the uptake of hydroponic farming methods in Africa. The Farm The farm will be a modern, technology driven farm … Continue reading Funding for Food & Greenhouse on your Phone