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Update posted by Jessie James Gamis On Aug 17, 2017

Sessions for the heart - concert for a cause

Jessie and his sister are volunteers at Redemptorist Church or commonly known as Baclaran church and their volunteer-mates organized a benifit concert for Jessie's challenges at the Sinirangan Cafe inside the Church compound in September 2, 2017.

All proceeds will be given to Jessie's family for thier medical and financial support of their family members.

They are so grateful for the continued support of thier friends, acquaintances, classmates and all the people who donated and supported their cause.

Facebook link for the said event:

Note: Sinirangan Cafe is a livelyhood program of the Redemptorists congregation that used local products from local coffee famers and have scholarship program for youths of Yolanda striken areas.

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Update posted by Jessie James Gamis On Jun 22, 2017

My sister's batchmates from Seton, pioneer highschool batch '91, continued to support and help my sister for her recovery and needs of my family.

They've sponsored the first batch of physical therapy sessions for my sister's recovery. We also thank the PT department for giving us special accommodation because of our situation and try to squeeze in some sessions for my mom without any additional charges.

Thank you so much on giving us hope in overcoming one challenge at a time. Thank yoi so much!

1st PT session.

2nd PT session

3rd PT session

4th PT session

5th PT session

6th PT session

7th PT Session

8th PT Session

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Update posted by Jessie James Gamis On Jun 07, 2017

Last May 25, a batchmate of my sister called me and told me that with their other batchmates, they pledged to pay the hospital bill of my sister. And on May 29 we finalized all the papers and requirements and made it official that my sister was discharged. But due to our circumstances, that noone will take care of her and that our house is still wrecked. She is still here with us in the hospital but incurring only additional rent for her bed.

We are so grateful and blessed for the people from Pioneer Batch '91 of Seton. Thank you so much.

We are also so grateful and bles*sed to the continued support and help from our friends, classmates, acquaintances, relatives and to people who shared and donated. Thank you thank you so much from me and my family.

Please continue praying for me and my family to overcome this challenges. I also created a facebook page for faster updates and all.

Thank you so much!

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Update posted by Jessie James Gamis On May 14, 2017

Celebrating mothers day and currently finished feeding my mom with her morning hospital rations and then I'll feed my sister who is sleeping at the next hospital bed then after her will be dad who is blind and waiting for his turn to be feed.

Being an optimist, the wish of being in the same roof happend.

I'm sincerly asking for any help, support and donation for my family.

Thank you and Happy Mothers day to all mothers!

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Update posted by Jessie James Gamis On May 12, 2017
[update 05.12.17]

I've pasted here my old campaign description due to the overhaul of the campaign.

[update 03.21.17]

To those who can't seem to find my bank account below, here it is:

Bank Account Name: Jessie James Gamis
Bank Account No: 5990267283 (BDO – Banco De Oro)

Currently we are overwhelming grateful for your continued prayers and support. We are now focus on raising funds to pay the hospitalization so that my mom can be discharge and be with my dad in the same roof even if its not ours. My dad and sister are staying at our relatives house.

Below is our story and cause, thank you.


Last November 13, 2016, my mom, Rosenda Gamis, had a haemorrhagic stroke while preparing for the discharge and release of my dad, who is blind (glaucoma) and was confined for three (3) days in Irosin district hospital. She was rushed to the nearest specialized hospital, about one (1) hour drive from the current hospital.

There were some problems before she was admitted and was directly put in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). We were told that my mom’s GCS is 6 out of 15 and she would need to undergo operation but need to wait for the neurosurgeon because there are only two (2) who are assigned in region. A few days passed when the neurosurgeon was present, he recommended a brain shunt operation but we asked for every possible options we have. We choose the other option to wait, believe and have faith in her recovery with the help of prayers and medicines but after more than a week in the ICU and with minor improvements we gave our consent for the operation. Unfortunately the neurosurgeon was unavailable and will be available after a week. We consulted with the doctors and they recommended that my mom undergo tracheotomy because she was connected with a ventilator thru tube breathing for almost two (2) weeks and can cause phenomena and increase further complications. After the operation for tracheotomy she was moved from the ICU to a private ward with shifting private caregiver or nurse which is less expensive than in the ICU while waiting for the neurosurgeon.

December 2, a day before the operation, the neurologists came to diagnose mom and look at the latest CT scan and told me that the blood clot have slightly shrunk and there are visible improvements. The neurologist told me that there is no need for any operations but it will be a slow and gradual recovery. It was truly an early Christmas gift for our family, knowing that my mom will recovery even slowly and that she does not need to undergo surgery.

December 8, 2016 - Selfie with my half awake mom.


We are located in Region V or Bicol Region and more specifically in Sorsogon. And it’s known as the door way of all the storm and typhoon here in the Philippines. And since typhoon Yolanda came, which destroyed most of our livelihood, it also ravaged our house which was already so ancient. Since then it was only patched up and never truly fixed. Due to typhoon Nina my dad and my sister were relocated to my auntie’s house for the meantime and while they are still in manila. Because of the delicate condition of my mom and with her tracheotomy which makes her lungs directly open to the environment, we are looking for alternatives or apartment for rent that we can safely place our parents until we can find a permanent one. But until that time, my older sister is taking care of my dad at my auntie’s house while I’m a full caregiver to my mom here in the hospital.

December 31, 2016 - Several days after typhoon Nina. I went back home to get some change cloths and documents.


Before Christmas I’ve setup an account with another crowd funding site but unfortunately due to some policy of paypal I need to refund all the donations. So, I’m here which support local currency and still looking for any kind of help for my mom and my family.

Please use the other options or deposit to my bank account seen below this campaign.

[Update 2017/01/27] you can try to donate using paypal and as recommended that I've put up a reward system for those who donate with a certain amount. Thanks!

January 9, 2017 - eMail from paypal.


It’s been more than two (2) months since my mom was admitted in the hospital and because of the two latest typhoons, Nina and Auring, our house is currently not suited to live in. We missed Christmas, New Year and even my dad’s birthday last January 9. Every year my mom would find ways to celebrate my dad’s birthday but this year we didn’t have any celebration but a wish from a loving husband for the recovery and well-being of his wife and to be under the same roof.

January 13, 2017 - Dad missed my mom so much that he traveled and braved the rain with my older sister
just to be with his beloved other half and stayed overnight under the same roof (hospital).

We’ve exhausted our funds and the donations from our relatives and so many friends and acquaintances with just the medicines for the stability of my mom. Now we are faced with a huge hospital bill and to look for a place for my mom to recover. I’ll be taking care of my mom and in the future my dad as a full time care giver until she is stable enough. Half of the amount to be raised will be for the hospital bill and the other half would be for a small house just enough for the needs of my mom and my dad.


We are forever grateful to all the relatives, classmates, volunteer groups and people who are continuously helping us through prayers and financial aid. To the community that lend us a generator for electricity in times of need for my moms’ suction machine. Thank you so much! And no donation is small and prayers and good intentions are so appreciated.


Her Son,
Jessie James M. Gamis
eMail: [email protected] / [email protected]
Mobile no: +63 939 122 7729 / +63 927 520 9408

Bank Account Name: Jessie James Gamis
Bank Account No: 5990267283
(BDO – Banco De Oro – Sorsogon Branch)

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Update posted by Jessie James Gamis On Mar 10, 2017

Challenges keep on coming

Its been more than 3 weeks since my auntie was confined here in the same Hospital for diabetes and needed to undergo 2 minor surgeries. The laptop I borrowed from my uncle was used for collateral for them to be released but they still rent a small room just in front of the hospital because my auntie needs daily cleaning and weekly check up.

A light shines

My mom removed her NGT and taking food by mouth but still the blended food. It was hard but she been trying hard and tolerating some food once in a while and took her first communion last February 19 since she was confined here.

March 1, 2017 - Ash wednesday. I asked the preceding priest to give communion and ash to my mom who is inside the room.

Tshirt for a cause

I'm a member of a volunteer group of Baclaran Church called RMMS or Redemptorist MultiMedia Staff and they started a fundraising by selling Tshirts which they designed. Currently they are only in pre-ordering stage to raise funds for the materials and are taking order and releasing tshirts only every Sunday and located at the RMMS booth in the scaristy of the church. Me and my family are very grateful of it.

March 7, 2017 - Tshirt for a cause started by a volunteer group in Baclaran church for my mom's hospitalization.

PT session

As suggested by the PT, my mom was brought to the PT room by using a stretcher and had a session sitting up and down and other exercises for her good side because she still have no control on her right side and she's been in bed for very long.

March 9, 2017 - First time outside her room and first time inside the PT room.

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Update posted by Jessie James Gamis On Feb 21, 2017

On my mother side we have my last uncle who is scheduled for operation but didn’t push thru because of financial challenges. On my father side, all of his siblings (He is the only boy) have medical and financial challenges. Before New year my aunties went to manila and one of the went there for a check up and second (2nd) opinion on her feet and still at her son’s house recovering and have difficulties with walking. My other auntie went back here in Bicol and after 2 weeks went to Sorsogon for a check up and second (2nd) opinion of the infection on her feet because of diabetes and was admitted and confine for more than a week in the same hospital and undergo two (2) minor operations to remove rotten flesh in both of her feet and need blood transfusion, she is still recovering in the ward. My other auntie who lives in Pampanga started her challenge last December with her husband which had kidney problems and undergo dialysis and maintenance frequently. And Lastly, another auntie which lives in Cavite have been taking care for her husband which had his feet amputated because of diabetes.


Why I set the 13th day of the month of February as the end of the campaign and now March 13. It’s not because February 14 was Valentine’s day but because it marks how many months my mom’s is here in the hospital. And last February 13 marks the third (3) month she is confine in the hospital.

February 14, 2017 Failed Valentine's Day Fan Sign while feeding mami.


In the positive side my mom pulled her NGT yet again, the tube which is inserted in her nose up to her stomach for feeding purposes, 3 days ago. The doctors recommend to feed my mom naturally thru her mouth and to observe if she can tolerate swallowing. For the first 2 days it was very hard to feed my mom and frequently she coughs due to the tracheotomy irritation. But It had gradually lessen but it is still hard and need lots of patience in feeding my mom.

February 8, 2017 Surprised visit of Dad who traveled more than 1 hour to touch my mom, because he is already blind due to glaucoma.

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Update posted by Jessie James Gamis On Jan 22, 2017


Before dad was hospitalized and my mom had a stroke, we wanted uncle to be checke-up and diagnose because he had been complaining that he is in pain. When my dad was confined, mom told him that he'll be next to be check-up, unfortunately my mom had a hemorrhagic stroke.

My uncle, my mother's last living brother, has been helping her with many things. His name is Ernesto Morgia, living with her wife who is also a hemorrhagic stroke survivor and she is also paralysed and can't be by herself. He has no child of his own but has a step-daughter to his wife. He is a big help with lot of things, but last week he felt severe pain, and two (2) days ago he went to the hospital and was advised to undergo ultra sound and most probably will have an operation for hernia. He was scheduled for ultra sound yesterday but due to the weather he will be going to the hospital tomorrow and for second opinion.

December 31, 2016 - he is the one in the photo, my uncle, mom's last living brother, Ernesto Morgia.

I'm planning to take care of my mom, dad and my uncle's wife until he recovers from the operation. He is a great help to my mom, to our family and to our relatives.

I used the word challenge and not crisis, because I believe to see the positive in the situation, that it was given to us and we can overcome it not with just our own but with your support.

January 22, 2017 - Feeding my Mom thru her NGT with prepared blended food.

Thank you so much!
Maraming Maraming Salamat!

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