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Fattah was born with multiple, severe deformities that the medical team prognosed that we would only have a couple of hours to days before we should say our final farewell to him after labour.

But against all odds, Fattah’s unwavering grit has kept him with us until today. In support of his fighting spirit, our medical team has drafted a care plan for the whole of Fattah’s childhood. This includes multiple surgeries and long-term rehabilitative therapies (speech, occupational and physiotherapy).

His condition is so rare and unique that we had to send his blood sample to the US for Genetic Testing. Although it did come back positive, meaning the test did find a genetic change known to cause a disease (Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita - Type 2B), it could not explain a handful of the other abnormalities presented. For the doctors, the lack of a diagnosis meant a lack of guidelines and evidence-based treatments. For us, it meant that we had to live with perpetual uncertainty. Since his condition involves overall muscle weakness and immense stiffness, it is unknown to us if he would ever talk normally, walk, or even stand.

Despite the uncertainties, our hospital’s complex care team has decided to manage the symptoms independently with great determination. Fattah’s first 5 months has proven that with medical interventions, his quality of life can be greatly improved.

Orthopaedic Surgeries that Fattah has undergone:

  • Bilateral heel cord tenotomy,
  • Right foot open reduction and pinning of talonavicular joint
  • Bilateral iliopsoas and adductor release.

As Fattah was born in a lotus position (cross-legged and sitting), the procedure on his hips has helped open up his hips thereby allowing us to change his diapers and clean him with ease. While the other procedures, together with pre-surgery serial casting (9 castings) have helped Fattah achieve a more “normal” positioning of legs and feet to increase the chances of him being able to stand.

Currently, the deformities of Fattah’s hands and fingers are managed by hand splints, daily physiotherapy and occupational therapy. His hands are also due for surgery.

Fattah is also on breathing support (CPAP) due to his undersized jaw which causes his tongue to fall backward thus blocking the airflow.

Here’s the list of abnormalities that would require medical interventions throughout Fattah's childhood:

Due for surgery

  1. Inguinal Hernia
  2. Both hands: Clenched fists, overlapped fingers, thumb-in-palm
  3. Cryptorchidism (undescended testes)
  4. Hip tightness [completed]
  5. Right foot: Vertical Talus (rocker bottom) [completed]
  6. Left foot: Talipes equinovarus (club foot) [completed]

For physical/occupational/speech therapy

  1. Overall muscle weakness & stiffness
  2. Multiple joint contractures (causing immense stiffness)
  3. Both hands: Clenched fists, overlapped fingers, thumb-in-palm
  4. Webbed Neck & Torticollis

For further observations

  1. Obstructive sleep apnoea
  2. Spine: Kyphosis & Scoliosis
  3. Chest: Narrow
  4. Lungs: Undersized
  5. Heart: Dilated aortic root and atrial septal defect
  6. Jaw: undersized

We have, so far, spent a total of $46,787.50 on Baby Fattah's medical needs. The estimated annual cost is $60,000 and medical interventions are required throughout Fattah's 12 years of childhood ($60,000 x 12 =$720,000).

All funds raised will mean a lot to us in helping Baby Fattah.

Excess funds will be donated to the Rare Disease Fund (RDF) by KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

Diagnosis & Care Plan

Genetic Testing (USD$2000)

Cost breakdown for medical equipments (not inclusive of monthly consumables)

Cost breakdown for weekly consultations and rehabilitative services

Cost breakdown for a surgery

Cost of each weekly casting

Cost breakdown for boots & bars (5 years of wearing, to be replaced every couple of months as Fattah grows)

Cost breakdown for each hospitalisation



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