Fund Ven’s Breast Cancer Treatment

Hello everyone!!! This is for our friend, Venus Villavieja. She wrote the details about herself below. Hello my name is Venus, 48 years old, a widow (for 18 years) with one daughter, and… I have breast cancer. Last March 2016, i was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Since i was working in the BPO industry that time, i still have my healthcard so I decided to undergo surgery to have my right breast removed. But right after the surgery, i can not go to work anymore because i need to recuparate for 2 mos. And i was also part of the redundancy going on in the office so i need to resign. But still i never gave up no matter what i feel, i still decided to work even at home. I still need to make a living for our needs. For 2 mos i must say it was okay, i was able to sustain our needs, my medication and our food. But my body is not and will never be the same as it was before so i could feel so many pains on my back, on my pelvic, on my left knee and there were a lot of tests that the doctor has required to be done, and because of this, i was not able to concentrate on my job. I have no choice but to quit due to my health condition. There are lots of tests needed to be done to be sure up to what … Continue reading Fund Ven’s Breast Cancer Treatment