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Update posted by Anna Louis Tan Ling Ling On Apr 20, 2021

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the generous donation from everyone. The mama dog will be spay on 22nd April 2021. The donations had indeed come in handy.

Hopefully the spaying process of mama dog will be smooth and well.

Updates on the puppies, we currently have only 1 puppy left with us. The rest has been adopted. However, we were just informed that 2 of the puppies had returned home to heaven. One was due to food poisoning and another was due to infection on a wound at his leg. We were sad to find out about the truth but we know that their new owners had tried their best in looking after them.

That's all for now.

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Update posted by Anna Louis Tan Ling Ling On Feb 21, 2021

Praise and thank God. 5 out of the 6 puppies have been adopted. The puppies owners have been updating us about the puppies growth progress. Indeed, they have found nice home and owners. Thus, the fundraising amount has also being change. We would like to thank everyone that have been helping out.

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Update posted by Anna Louis Tan Ling Ling On Feb 03, 2021

The puppies have finally turned one month old. What a hand full they are, their teeth are also fully developed and they are beginning to chew on things as well as any toes that are not covered... OUCH! These small balls of rascals are so adorable to play with, they would run to any direction of sound and even attempted to climb up the barriers that were made to keep them in.

Mommy doggie is struggling to keep up to their appetite for food. They are sucking hard each day causing small lums of bruise and wounds on mama dog. For now, we help mama dog by introducing some solid food to the puppies.

Good news! 3 puppies will soon be adopted. Hopefully, they will be happy in their new home with their loving owners. We are glad that kind souls are willing to look after them.

Mama dog will be spay in April. The appointment date has been made with the vet. Hopefully everything goes well.

Till the next update. Enjoy a short video of these puppies running around.

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Update posted by Anna Louis Tan Ling Ling On Jan 18, 2021

The puppies eyes are open! Now a days they are wondering all over my kitchen. It's so entertaining to watch them wobble around trying to find their way around my kitchen.

Mama doggy is always hungry and frequently asking for food. Is there a time that she is not hungry? >•<

One of the puppy has been adopted. The only male puppy actually is adopted. He will be send off to his new owner in a month time or when he starts eating solid food. Aww... I'll miss him but there is only so much that I could do.

My own dog is also warming up with the puppies. It's so heart warming to see them getting to know each other.

Till the next update.

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Update posted by Anna Louis Tan Ling Ling On Jan 09, 2021

4 days after the mother dog gave birth to her puppies, my sisters and I noticed that one particular puppy was still small in size compared to her other siblings and the mother dog doesn't seem to be bother with her as well. The puppy we called LPP seems to be weak and had a hard time drinking milk from the mother dog.

My sisters and I decided to start feeding her with dog milk power. Her weight went up after 2 days of feeding. After another 5 days of feeding I noticed that LPP was more active than before, more wriggling of her body and movement of her paws.

We started to talk about the day LPP would open her eyes and start running around, which according to the normal progress would be next week.

However, I'm sad to report that LPP had passed away this evening. My sister carried her up for her next feeding and found her lifeless.

The news of LPP broke our hearts but we know she is in a better place now.

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Praying for you, your family and doggo's wellbeing! Let me know the progress ! (Kirim Salam to ruth please!)


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