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Now, almost every country has similar kind of health issues and rate of various health issues is growing day by day. The reason of similarity between health issues in every country is globalization and pollution. Before couple of decades back every country used to have ace businesses and they have an army of specialist in those businesses but now things are not same. Due to technology and need every country has grown in every type of business that leads to one more thing. Due to this people follow same working style and quite similar lifestyle. This leads to similarity in the health issues too. Pollution starts killing us every day and many people are facing side effects of pollution.

Due to all such factors we face various health issues and most of them are related to beauty. Hair loss is one such health issue which has many causes and people worried about it a lot. After hair loss people experience a loss of confidence which is very difficult to manage.

Various reasons that lead to Hair Loss

Climate – It has a big impact on every health issues and people also face, hair loss trouble according to the climate in their area. Cold weather is always found to be blessed on hair loss as people live in such areas found less hair loss trouble as compared to the people living in comparatively hot areas.

Hereditary – Some issues are carried by genes, thus there are some issues that could be hereditary. Hair loss is one of them as most of the people facing this issue should check their ancestral history.

Pollution – Of course, pollution makes a lot of difference. Due to the pollution we face various health issues related to our beauty. Hair loss is the living example as they are fully exposed to the climate and thus our scalp and hair find it hard to deal with pollution and thus, it results in loss of hair.

Solution to Avoid Hair Loss

It is required live in good climate and cold weather in order to overcome this issue.

Lack of vitamins is another reason that contributes to hair loss thus we must consume such food that contains various vitamins which are good for our hairs and scalp.

Our regular diet also decides hair loss so try to avoid all types junk food which not good anyway and change your diet to healthy food which is good for your health.

Try to apply coconut oil during night and buy propecia online your scalp this is one of the most ancient solution to stop hair loss.


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raised of $5,000.00 goal
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