Help Chad to recover from Thymic Carcinoma

Update posted by Ara Manuel On Jun 22, 2019

If you could say a short pray for Richard A. Gumatay now, please do.

Yesterday he was experiencing short term memory loss. Everything that had happen since he got hospitalised last year August 9,2018 until Friday June 21, 2019 - he can’t remember clearly or forgot.

Saturday June 22 when I got home until he fell asleep he was asking everyone at home same series of question.

Question like, “Kelan pa ako ganito? may cancer pala ako? panaginip ba ito? totoo pala ngyari? Nag chemo pala ako? Kalbo ako dahil kasi may cancer ako at nag chemo ako? Yung kasal namin ni Ara hindi natuloy? Ilang taon ako nag work?”

For our friends who isn’t familiar with Tagalog, Chad’s questions were,

“When did I stated to be like this? I have cancer? Is this a dream? Is this really happening? Am I bald? Is it because I have cancer and had chemo? I had chemo sessions? Our wedding never happened? How many years was I working?”

The sequence would differ time to time. one question to another question continuous cycle of him asking.

It hurts to see him like that...please pray for chad’s healing and recovery from Thymic Carcinoma and this phase of him having a short term memory loss...

We need your prayers. God bless.



Recently looked up in one group page of other people having Thymic Carcinoma, they shared that the side effect of chemo treament / meds is called “CHEMO BRAIN”. The chemo meds used to treat the cancer can CAUSE confusion, short term memory loss and dementia.


Please pray for Chad’s healing and recovery.

Update posted by Ara Manuel On Jun 22, 2019

Chad had his last chemo way back in the month of May. He was on rest and we we’re scheduled to have a CTScan and 2d echo done on June 15 but he wasn’t feeling well.

He got diarrhea for almost a week then he got fever due to his open wound near his groin. After a week, the fever was gone when the wound started to heal.

after 3 weeks, now Chad is suffering from short term memory loss. He has been asking the same set of question about what happened to him? does he really have cancer? do we have a dog? did he worked and other questions about what had happened. We have not yet gone to see his doctor but planning to since his current case isn’t normal.

We request prayer for his healing and recovery. Thank you for your continuous support! God Bless

Update posted by Ara Manuel On May 06, 2019


Chad was re-admitted for his 2nd cycle on his new chemo med. For his every confinement, the first order of his doctor on the list is to get a complete blood count (CBC). This is to check if he has normal or low CBC components. For Chad's case, since December 2018, he always have low CBC components. But this time the results of the CBC was very LOW and worrisome. He needed to have 9 bags transfused (3 whole blood- red bags and 6 platelet concentrate - yellowish bags) before we could start his chemo treatment. It was very hard to look for the bags that needed to be given to him.

There were plenty of options and help coming, we had someone reached out to us from Malolos, Bulacan that could provide all the bags needed but unfortunately the travel and processing were difficult. The hospital's side is that, "IF" the blood bags doesn't come in time it could go to waste and not be usable. Then by the time that the hospital has provided the needed bags, the ones that came from Malolos wouldn't be used for other patients or cannot be a replacement.


We're frustrated because we're still waiting for the 6 bags of platelet concentrate to be given. Thankfully there were people who came and gave time to donate blood for Chad. We met two strangers today that donated blood . They were both med students. We feel blessed to have met these ladies. When we invited them to visit Chad in his room for a small chat. We were telling them that they were a blessing to us and we had new friends that will soon become Doctors.


After all the needed bags were transfused and the new CBC results, the doctor gave a go for the chemo treatment. We will be discharged on 4/28/2109 then the next re-admittion will be on 5/20 for his 3rd chemo cycle.


As of updating, today Chad said that he spitted blood. We're worried but we hope for your prayers that everything will be okay.


We are not losing faith and hope because there are so many people helping us. FAMILY, FRIENDS and even strangers that becomes our friends, you give us strength to hold on and to keep fighting for a healthy new life.

Whoever and where ever you are that is reading this now, THANK YOU VERY MUCH and MAY YOU BE MORE BLESSED each day.

Update posted by Ara Manuel On Apr 04, 2019

4/4/2019 Chad completed his 1st cycle for the new chemo treatment protocol.

This is the 3rd change of meds for his cancer treatment. For the new treatment he’ll be given the following chemo meds,

I just found out this afternoon that Chad skin looked burnt, probably because of the chemo meds.

Update posted by Ara Manuel On Apr 04, 2019

We got the result of the 3rd CT Scan result done last March 22nd. We were scheduled to be re-admitted March 27th for 4th chemo on VIP chemo protocol (Etoposide, Ifosfamide, Mesna and Cisplatin), unfortunately when the Doctors reviewed the CT Scan result they had to change because there was a small significant change of the tumor. The change was 0.2cm. There were still good news like decrease in pericardial effusion from 2.3cm to 1.3cm.

The new chemo treatment consist of Cisplatin, Doxorubicin and Cyclophospomide (CAP) regime. It will be give continuous for 3 days and every 21 days. Before the new chemo med, Chad needs to have a 2d echo done to check his heart. I read up that Doxorubicin could cause heart damage, well every other chemo drug that was give before had side effects but Doctors need to make sure of how his heart pumps. It took 5 days waiting for the 2d echo schedule to be done.

April 2,2019 Chad started with the new chemo meds. I’m praying that we would be better moving forward with the new chemo meds. I’m worried about the short and long term side effect of all the chemo meds that were dripped in Chad. I’m scared but all I could do for now is trust in the Doctors and God. I need to respect HIS choice and what his family want.

We were both frustrated and depressed with these recent results but everything will be okay. We need to prayer harder in times like these.

We still need blood donors since he would still need to have blood transfusion. One of the chemo side effects is decrease of RBC, WBC, platelets and Hemoglobin. Every we need at least 2 blood bags for Chad so that his CBC would increase to normal ration.

If its not too much to ask, I’d like to request humbly for any help for Chad.

It’s a big help for us if you would be able to donate blood for Chad or help us with his medical bills or able to donate for his monthly maintenance medication:

- Pradaxa Dabigatran 150mg

- Ural

- Astaxanthin

- Febuxostat 40mg

- Propan with Iron

- Enalapil

Thank you very much for supporting Chad until now. May God Bless you and your family

Update posted by Ara Manuel On Mar 05, 2019

I’ve been pre-occupied with my current work to support Chad and was too tired to write an update. We owe everyone who helped us, Chad on his current status.

He had his 2nd cycle last Feb.14th (happy hearts day), yes we had a Valentines date in the hospital. Kidding aside, he need to have blood transfusion since his CBC is low again. Thank God we had donors and he was prioritized. We’re praying that he gets better, I know God hears all prayers. The side effect of the new chemo treatment is he feels sleepy, loss of appetite and nauseous. So far he feels better and he claims that he’s okay. We are staying in the hospital now max of 5 days because the chemo treatment runs 4 days contiuously and it overlaps from the 1st dose to the next. Every 1st day of his admissions the first request done is for CBC, Creatine and ABG (this one not a bit sure since I cannot remember all the blood works his Doctor required.)

We have 14 days of break in between his chemo treatment and we just stay at home since he’s still prone of infection. The cancer is in his Thymus gland which is the main character in building the body’s immune system. This is why he prefers to have friends and family to visit him at the hospital, just in case there would be an emergency. For pre cautionary measures, we advise friends/family to wear face mask when visiting.

Now on his 3rd chemo cycle, we’ll be doing the same cycle again and we do hope that this time we are winning this battle with cancer. We claim in Jesus name, Richard Gumatay is healed and has recovered from cancer.

Please continuously support and pray for Chad. If anyone would be willing to donate blood for Chad, please let us know. We still need blood donor since we anticipate that every cycle he would need to have blood transfusion.

Thank You and God Bless

Update posted by Ara Manuel On Jan 26, 2019

From Jan.25th 3pm till Jan.26th 6pm, this was how long it took for the first day chemo cycle 1. Earlier, Jan.26th at 5pm we should have had the second day but unfrotunately it was taking up time and we were still waiting for the blood that should have been given a day ago. 😥🙄🙅🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Jan.26th at 9:30pm, after 3 days of waiting for blood it finally came. It should finish before Jan.27th 2:30am. Not sure how long are we going to be here in the hospital and how much would our bill be by then.

We hope that you can help us share this and help us raise funds for Chad’s chemo treatment.

Update posted by Ara Manuel On Jan 26, 2019

On my last post, last Jan.23, I mentioned that we were advised that there was no significant change on Chad’s tumor and his chemo treatment will be changed. On his new. treatment protocol, they call it as VIP treatment. I googled it and internationally the 3 chemo drug combination is called as IPE or VIP.

Today, Jan.26th, we’re still in the hospital. It’s our 4th day here and Chad’s first chemo cycle for the new meds. Most likely we will stay here till Jan. 31st to complete the 1st cycle of the new treatment protocol. We were advised last Wed, Jan.24th that Chad needed blood before starting the treatment since his hemoglobin and RBC is low but until today we are still waiting for the blood. I followed up at the nurse station and the nurses gave me numerous excuses of why there was no blood yet. Despite a nurse saying that there will be blood given BUT THAT WAS THE NIGHT TWO DAYS AGO! ( I was like, seriously? your patient is a high risk given a low RBC and he is going to have chemo!) To be honest deep inside, I was so angry (Yes, I have slight anger management issues) though I didn’t let my emotions get the best of me. I just said nicely, followed up and said “its been 3 days already and the patient really needed blood.” Then, provided a slip from the blood donation and they said that would make things easier. I’m thankful for Chad’s cousin and her boyfriend they were near the hospital. It helped a lot but still worried about Chad’s CBC.

Now, update on his chemo drug, it consists of Cisplatin, Etoposide and Ifosfamide (this last one is mixed with MESNA, to protect his bladder from bleeding.). These chemo drugs has many possible side effects if you try to google it and it scared the hell out of me. All I can do is pray, support and watch Chad through out this chemo treatment process.

TBH, I’m worried and scared of the side effects of his new chemo protocol. FYI, these chemo drug will be given to him once a day for 4 consecutive days. So YES! I’m scared and worried.

I’m asking of you to continiously pray for chad to be strong and that his body will endure to get through this.

Also, I’m asking for help if you can in anyway thru prayers, donations for medicine (his chemo or maintenance) or monetary.

Thank you so much for giving time to read this. May God Bless you.

Please share this so that we’d be able to raise funds or have access to meds for chad and specially have huge amount of prayer warriors asking for Chad’s recovery and safety throught Chad’s treatment.

Update posted by Ara Manuel On Jan 24, 2019

I don’t know what to feel and think when I read the latest CT-scan reading, “No Significant Change...” My heart stopped and found myself crying to think that after 5 chemo cycles with Carbo and Taxol it didn’t shrunk the tumor. Good side there’s decrease in size of nodules as per the reading. Now the doctor plans to change the chemo treatment.

Every second now feels like an eternity. All I want now is to pull away from chemo treatment but I guess that won’t be happening.

We received the new treatment and its 5 kinds of chemo drug. The target cycle is 6 which will be done after every 21days of each cycle.

We are asking help again to those who are reading and sharing this. Asking support and prayers. I’d do anything for chad to be cancer-free.

Thank you and God Bless

Update posted by Ara Manuel On Jan 19, 2019

I’ve been busy with work for couple of months and wasn’t able to update the page. I owe everyone who had helped us an update status.

We’re getting better and this coming January 23rd will be his last chemo (6th cycle) after that we’ll know from his doctor what’s the next step for radiation theraphy.

For the past month we’ve done his 4th and 5th cycle of chemo. Chad had blood transfusion during his 4th and 5th cycle. Possibly due to chemo drug, his RBC and Hemoglobin were attacked by the chemo. We also had a CT-scan done but we haven’t got the results and reading. I’ll give update on my next status update.

Reality, chemo does damage to both what’s good in the body and not. We have no idea of what the body would be going thru during and after chemo, different effects happen to different people who have the big C. But what we know that GOD is always bigger and we have faith that we are going to get thru this.

Still, the common after effect of his chemo is that his legs, knee and feet would feel numb and weak. Then he on both his hands, his fingers specifically the middle, ring and pinky finger; are numb and weak too. Other side effect we’ve notice is that he doesn’t sweat that much and sometimes nausea. Then this few days he’d say his chest (near where the tumor is) would hurt and it feels heavy.

On his physical state, he’s still thin, has very tiny hair growing on is head but less hair fall now (still bald with tiny hair). We joke about it and call him SAITAMA (A japanese anime charcter from One Punch Man, which is also one of his favorite.) His eyebrows are nearly gone and he has no hair in his nose which easily cause him to either sneeze or have runny nose. We both find it funny sometimes and just laugh about it. We both know he’s healed and we’re claiming that, no matter what we won’t give up.

We’re getting ready for the his 6th cycle this January 23rd.

I’m check up with everyone who would be able to donate blood just in case he would need to have blood. His blood type is A+.

Please continue praying for us, specially for Chad for stronger faith, healing and recovery.

Thank you everyone for the support and love. May God Bless you and your families.


Praying for you, Chad!


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team OZ / Hayato: I wish your recovery. Someday,let's play basketball together. Yutaro: We haven't met yet though. When you recover, I wanna play with you!! Yuya, Ryu, Ayako team SOMETIMES / Yuya, Gori, Kakky, Haru, Yusuke, Yuma, Toshi, Shiba, Tamu And many ballers!!

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Get well soon Chad!

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Laban lang chad... “My grace is sufficient for you” (2 Corinthians 12:9)

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Chad will win this fight. I know that.

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Think positive and keep the faith!


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