Fund for a mentally challenged Patient, and a less fortunate Teenager.

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September 2nd, 10 PM , Prague.
I urge you to read this message,

Mr.Chien is a friend of my family. He is a truck driver and delivers frozen supply to restaurants in Prague.
My father and him would go on a same truck to deliver large supplies to Prague airport every Wednesday and Friday. As my father helps with taking out supplies and driving.
Prior to Friday (1/9), on Wednesday and Thursday he had complained about having headaches and his jaw was twitching and hurting. Mr,Chien said it was probably due to a gum infection.
Mr.Chien is an excellent driver and knows all the street names in Prague and would direct so my father could drive. But on that Wednesday (30/9), Mr.Chien was late to work ( he's always on time ) and while driving, he didn't switch gear as he was entering the highway and seemed to be spaced-out. My father recognised that Mr.Chien was not well so he took over the wheel. Mr.Chien also couldn't eat his lunch, he said he had lost appetite.
However, on Friday, the (1/9), my father had not been in the truck due to him having a different job to do and Mr.Chien was driving to the airport by himself.
Around midnight, my father received a call at home and it was known that Mr.Chien had a truck accident.

According to the police, Mr.Chien was found unresponsive and seemed to be in a coma, leaving his truck moving freely by itself and eventually crashing into another driving car on the high way. The police couldn't wake him up.
He was transported immediately to Thomayerova Hospital as it was the nearest hospital. After several hours, he was moved to Motol Hospital as he was diagnosed to have had a stroke. His nerve had been severely damaged and there was leeking blood in the brain. The doctors said it was only going to get worse. They can not do any brain surgery while the patient is in coma. And if they were going to do the surgery, Mr.Chien would have a complete paralysed body and his normal state would never return, meaning he lost both physical and mental abilities, memories. And the possibility of him passing away under a week is also very high.

He is divorced ( 2 years) and has been living by himself. His mother has passed away and his father is over 90 years old and is also in critical health situation. He has one daughter, about 17 years old. She studies in a tourism school ( Vyšší odborná škola cestovního ruchu) near the Prague airport. She works part-time and have internships in the Prague airport as an airplane cleaner and such.

The doctor needed a signature from Mr.Chien's family member for surgery permission if Mr.Chien's situation gets desperate. Firstly, My father went to get signature from his ex-wife but she refused. The signature was then signed by his daughter.
Right now, my father is taking care of all the hospital paperwork, practical doctor... Mr.Chien's ex-wife, however, wanted nothing to do with him and seemed to have no emotional support for the matter.
Mr.Chien is an earnest , hard-working man. He doesn't have any proper educational background, so the only job he was doing was delivering, a tough, labour demanding job.The income is also low ( about 28000 czk ) so he has little to nothing for his daughter. The daughter lives with her mother and has a new step father but is currently under immense shock.

As a son, I can't fully imagine the situation if it would ever happen to me, as my father works the very same job and they were about the same age (54).

Due to the poor circumstances of him and his daughter. I would like to make a fund for his only biological daughter. She doesn't know about this just yet but I intend to meet her and deliver the fund to her.

This fund, more than itself, represents an emotional support, to show that people do care and her situation is known. The fund could potentially cover the expenses such as bringing her father back to Vietnam and perhaps, an amount to support herself.

Any amount would help,

Thank you very much.


I'm 19 years old and currently a student at Ostrava International School

I'm 19 years old and currently a student at Ostrava International School



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