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Update posted by Joseph Tegwere On Jan 04, 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who donated and all who are still donating for the success of the Automobile engineering school in Africa.

Naturally l am a person who does not give up my vision despite of challenges whatever they are. When we were about to make a significant progress we were faced by lease problems because of the owner of land who wanted to hijack our project for self enrichment.

We decided to continue find another place of which we have not yet secured. "Like it was not enough ,we where hit by a worst political and economic melt down ever in the history of our country". However no matter what, l am leading the fight forward until victory is realized. The more hardships l face the more l see the school growing to a regional Automobile engineering university. I am always encouraged by Martin Luther Jr who was quoted as below.

"You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."

.. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

We took the first step already and we were helped by a donation of $ 2526 from generous people who want to help people in Africa,especially who are struggling to develop themselves because of abject poverty. I have embarked on this strenuous project in order to empower young people with engineering skills. Africa has great potential to develop into a world class continent in few years. With the vast natural resources ,it has the capacity to manufacture environmental friendly automobiles and other 20 th century sophisticated machinery that can produce high quality products for the world citizens' consumptions.

I want to cultivate a tradition of passing on skills to the future generations.

No matter the constricting political and financial environment ,l am determined going head on to accomplish my vision. It is always the case that a person with a great vision is higher than a billionaire without a vision. Having money when people are suffering is not enough. Logically if everyone in the world become a billionaire then money become like toilet papers. I have always cried when l observe billionaires spend their money on philanthropy which are aiming on reducing environmental pollution without investing in the education of children on environmental pollutions and solutions ,and that could start from primary schools up to university levels. It is important to spend money on proactive projects than reactive projects. We spend lots of money on removing cancerous substances than the education and awareness of the dangers of it from childhood.

On our project of automobile school of engineering ,we still wait to raise at least $30 000 or more .

It is so because of the inflation that has eroded the value of money. Building materials and engineering parts and equipment prices have risen more than half of the original prices.

Once we secure a place and the amount required in the bank ,then we can surely get the registration certificate to begin our first enrollment and that will be the start of the dream come true project.

Thank you very much to you all viewers, please help were you can because you can be counted in the history of mankind as a benevolent person. Giving multiplies fortunates. Nature uses this simple principle ,the plants release oxygen first and thereby creating a vacuum in themselves to receive carbon dioxide which rushes in them without making any effort. Thank you in advance for your compassion in giving for humanity's prosperity.

Yours Jm Tegwere.

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Update posted by Joseph Tegwere On Oct 04, 2015

Thank you very much for your support.

1. We have been offered land for lease by Mr Maradure for the school. It is big enough and the location is really good. Address is 8 Kelvin North Graniteside Harare. Its near the main town, where transportation is quick and easy.And also Mr.Maradure made a great effort to build some toilets for the school.

2.We applied for registration with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology development. There are 3 main criteria that we need to fulfill.

a, Proof of ownership or Lease agreement

b.Premises and equipment

We must have a minimum of 3 rooms including an office with all necessary equipment for the courses to be offered.

c.Proof of availability of financial resources for the venture

We must have sufficient funds on standby at any given time to cover the refunding of students" fee should the institution be required to close at short notice as required by law.

3. We are planning to raise money for school project by transport business.

I already have some three used buses that l have parked for more than 3 years for my personal business. So l want to repair and use them for the building of the school since donations alone are not coming enough.

Fortunately, one of the buses, Plaxton 54 seaters bus is almost ready for work, we need to raise $12 000US for final preparation to get the required proof of availability of financial resources for the engineering school venture.

We are not going back. We are determined until we realize our goal. And we once again thank those who donated and we have captured your details for the history of the engineering school. And those who are still willing to donate PLEASE do so, your help is sincerely appreciated since you will be counted in the history of Southern Africa for having helped a needy cause and development of engineering education and training in Africa.

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Keep the vision alive. I had thought of setting up a bike repair shop in Zimbabwe when I retire, while getting donated bikes from Japan, as many bikes are destroyed when they are left at train stations and If someone approaches the Cities, they will donate them just to get them out of the way! Mike Thick

Mike Thick

Backed with $100.00 On Jan 04, 2018


I know the struggle of building funds my fundraiser isn't being supported but it motivation.

Alex Ferguson

Backed with $1.00 On Jan 30, 2017


Remembering Larry Sutker, the best harmonica player I ever met. Good luck and God Bless Rev. Tegwere

Steve Ziino

Backed with $120.00 On Nov 18, 2015


I'm donating in memory of Jeremy Gaylard, a Blessed brother who was born in Rhodesia, before independence.

Vicki Phelps

Backed with $40.00 On Nov 10, 2015


We pray for the Blessed Central Families of the world.

MacKay & Kyoko Holmes

Backed with $10.00 On Nov 07, 2015


Steven Dufour

Backed with $120.00 On Nov 06, 2015


Best of luck to you. You are an inspiration to all. God bless.

Doric Caron

Backed with $101.00 On Nov 05, 2015


God bless your efforts! Robert and Penny Brown

Penny Brown

Backed with $50.00 On Nov 05, 2015


Having worked in several African countries, I really respect and support what you are trying to do so I will follow the Fleishmans lead and add another 1% to your goal. May Heavenly Parent bless your family and your hard work for your country!

Joan Mwamlima

Backed with $770.00 On Jul 10, 2015


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Posted On Jul 04, 2015

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