Free Solar Power for Refugees

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Elpis means Hope. Our mission is to charge refugees' mobile phones for free.

Imagine leaving behind all you have ever known, and being left with only one way to contact your family, transfer money and access information. Suddenly what just seemed like a phone has become a lifeline.

Access to electricity is very limited in camps. Refugees are faced with little choice but to continue to look for alternatives, not hesitating to take dangerous risks.

This is how refugees need to charge their devices right now:

A dangerous example of refugees hacking a light-pole, and exposing themselves to high voltage electrical current in order to charge their mobile devices (Credit: Georgios Makkas). Refugees using a TV station's satellite truck to charge their mobile phones (Credit: Mauricio Lima, The New York Times).

Together we can change this!

Our Solar-Charger has been built in collaboration with Entec, a Greek solar technology company and its partners; Solar World, Steca Elektronik and Viosy S.A. The unit generates electricity for 12 plugs per hour using only the sun. It runs
for 10 hours a day, delivering electricity to 3600 refugees per month and costs only £850 to produce.

Two units have been successfully installed throughout Greece.


Society: Refugees can live more independently from community resources, improving coexistence with locals and reducing tensions between the two.

Economy: The solar-unit does not connect to the electricity grid, reducing energy expenditures while providing free and accessible energy to all who need it.

Environment: People need to communicate with family and access information. Our design offers a renewable and environmentally viable way of doing so.

Together we make it happen!

Your contribution will allow migrants to access a much-needed opportunity to seek out travel advice whilst also enabling communication with family and friends back home.

Dependable information empowers people in crises and aids in clarifying rumors, reducing confusion, stress and susceptibility to fraud.

Therefore refugees will be able to make better-informed decisions for themselves and their families for a better chance of resettlement.

You will also help refugees in safeguarding their most cherished memories that are often documented on their mobile phones; offering them hope in the darkest moments.

Remember, a donation as small as £1 can go a long way!

We are students from the University of Edinburgh who want to contribute towards achieving positive change, and take this as an opportunity to start making an impact now. There are over 1.2 billion people around the world without access to electricity. The scalable nature of Elpis has been designed in order to gradually increase the amount of people who will benefit from our services. This is only the beginning.

Please help us by making a contribution, however small it may be.


Email: [email protected]



1. Greek recipes

2. Solar powered toys

3. Your own station!


Giving and receiving: You are part of Elpis, and your help makes a real difference. In return we will send you a collection of Greek recipes to enjoy with your friends and family.

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Solar for kids: You help educate a refugee child on renewables by providing them with a solar-powered toy, as well as an arabic booklet explaining how the sun can be harnessed as a source of energy.

Your own station! For individuals and NGOs who would like to finance a solar charging station for a location of their choice. Included in the price are all taxes and costs of installation. Shipping charges will be additional depending on the location.

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  • mariette castellino
  • Donated on Dec 23, 2019
  • Thank you for sharing your expertise to make the lives of refugees a little more bearable.

  • Colin Mckendrick
  • Donated on Dec 22, 2019
  • Keep up the good work.

  • Nigel Runcorn
  • Donated on Dec 16, 2019
  • Such good work.


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.