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Success Stories

Bruno Fernandes’ Match Worn Signed Boots and Shirt

Manchester United Star Bruno Fernandes donated his football boots and shirt to help raise funds for siblings Leonor and Jaime who were both diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The funds will help pay for a new innovative treatment.

2,240 donors have raised €22,814 so far

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Kick Breast Cancer in the Boob

When Macarena was diagnosed with breast cancer, she refused to give up. She turned to GoGetFunding to help her get the surgery she needed.

313 donors raised SG$60,688

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Eugene’s Recovery Fund

An injury during boxing left Eugene in a coma. His colleagues and friends raised funds to cover his ongoing medical expenses and rehabilitation, taking a weight off the family’s shoulders.

202 doors raised US$30,050

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Support Roben’s Cancer Treatment

After being diagnosed with Metastatic Transverse Colon Cancer, Roben needed surgery and chemotherapy. His campaign allowed him to pay his medical bills and focus on recovery.

148 donors raised SG$35,339

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Help Teacher Ria Fight Cancer

Ria, a single mother and wonderful teacher, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Without insurance, her family couldn’t pay for her treatment. Their successful campaign helped Ria to get the treatment she needed.

263 donors raised HK$210,484

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Let’s Rollo-up Our Sleeves and Help Ed

After Ed was diagnosed with cancer, he and his loved ones were struggling to keep up with the cost of treatment. Their successful campaign allowed Ed to get the life-saving surgery he needed.

269 donors raised HK$281,000

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Larry Amos Fundraiser

Larry, a well loved, talented musician, suffered a stroke. His loved ones gathered together to fundraise, helping to cover his ongoing medical expenses.

67 donors raised ZAR50,840

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Kaylyn’s Journey

At 15 years old, Kaylyn was diagnosed with a brain tumour. With her family struggling to cope financially, loved ones raised funds to ease their burden and allow them to focus on Kaylyn’s health.

29 donors raised ZAR75,655

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