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Funeral of Amelia Cunanan Rama

After her beloved mother, a selfless and hard-working woman, passed away Jazreel set up a campaign to give her mother the beautiful send-off she deserved.

84 donors raised SG$8,105.00

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In Memory of Srikanth

Srikanth passed away suddenly, leaving his family and friends in despair. Loved ones came together to help his wife and daughter financially during their time of struggle.

74 donors raised SG$8,400.00

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Jason Wong

Jason Wong passed away after a battle with cancer. Friends raised funds to help his wife and daughters during this difficult time.

109 donors raised SG$38,467

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Nathaniel’s Fund

Nathaniel, an amazing child with multiple medical issues, was unable to fight any longer. Family raised funds for his final medical bills and to give him the send-off he deserved.

60 donors raised US$5,575

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Michael Wolfe Memorial Fund

Michael Wolfe passed away suddenly and his wife was left in both emotional and financial difficulty. Friends stepped up to raise funds to ease her financial struggle.

132 donors raised US$15,421

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Educational Fundraiser for Jason Choi’s Kids

After Jason Choi sadly passed away, a friend set up a campaign to raise funds for Jason’s children, enabling them to get the education they deserve.

239 donors raised US$37,812

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Repatriation Fund for Evelyn Mariscotes

When Evelyn, a sweet and kind nurse, passed away to cancer, friends set up a campaign to help her family pay for the cost of repatriating her body and funeral expenses.

72 donors raised £3,790

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Dave’s Feet & Socks – Remembering a Stratford legend!

Friends set up a campaign to raise funds for their dear friend Dave, who had passed away after a short illness. Their successful campaign enabled them to help Dave’s family through hard times.

119 donors raised £4,000

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