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Sticker: Looking for something to cover that imperfection on your bumper? We've got the perfect item, a limited edition High Card Brewing sticker. Be the envy of your friends. According to KBB this sticker will increase the value of your car by .000001 percent - probably not

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Sticker and Glass: As you look through your brewery glass collection, a thought goes through your mind, it's missing something. What could it be? It's beer, it's missing beer!! We can help with that, but that's a whole nother level (see below) At this level we have a lovely, limited edition, one of a kind, ultra-rare, collector's item (was that enough hyperbole?) pint glass. We know you miss the days of endless glassware from every brewery in town, we don't. But it has been awhile, and like us, you've probably broken most of them, so grab this glass, fast.

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Sticker, Glass, and T-Shirt: Looking to upgrade your wardrobe? Tired of your friends making fun of your Sweetwater t-shirt? Get this t-shirt and be the coolest person in a brewery t-shirt everywhere you go. (not responsible for sudden interest of paparazzi) P. S. If you really must have it in tye dye, we can accommodate that. We have a friend that is great at tye dye. (She's a professional). Please provide your shirt size in the comments after you donate. Thank you!

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High Roller Club Membership for 2020: Are you VIP material? Maybe? Do you want more beer? Definitely! Then our High Rollers Club is for you. Be the first to join this exclusive club (limited to 100). With membership you get a special members only T-shirt, larger pours in your High Rollers glass, first option on any limited release beers, and a yearly party. Please provide your shirt size in the comments after you donate. Thank you!

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Beer Geek for a Day: Do you like to brew beer? You'll get a personal brew day on our 10 gallon pilot system. You can brew your favorite homebrew recipe, a clone recipe or we can help you with recipe development of your favorite style. We'll even let you name it. And when it's ready to serve, we'll put it on tap in the tasting room with your name on it. Beer Geeks Unite

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King of Beer for a Day: Do you like to brew beer? Oh wait, we already did that. This is a personal brew day with a party afterwards. When your beer is ready, you'll get a special release party for you and up to 5 friends. It includes a keg of your beer and food. It's good to be the King

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Beer God for a Day: This is the ultimate brew day experience. You'll sit down with our head brewer and go over your recipe. We'll get all the ingredients together and set up a day for you to come in and brew on our 3 bbl system. Once your beer is ready, we'll host a private, catered release party in our event space, for you and 25 of your friends. Party will include your beer, up to 3 of our beers, food and a 32 oz crowler/growler of your beer for all of your friends to take home.

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