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Mise à jour publié par April Lynn Bague Le May 02, 2021

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Mise à jour publié par April Lynn Bague Le May 02, 2021


My mother contracted the COVID virus that has caused her in difficulty in breathing . She is 66 years old. She was diagnosed of COVID Pneumonia, and was taken to the hospital last April 14, 2021, she was given Convalescent blood plasma, O2 and other medical treatment and by the grace of GOD , she got better and ready to go home but unfortunately the hospital does not want to discharge her unless we settle the hospital bill amounting to Php800,000 plus 140k miscellaneous fee

In just a few days of emergency admission, our hospital bills has reached more than 400, 000 pesos up to this amount of almost a million pesos and it is expected that a huge amount will be added as she stays longer in the hospital. We really cannot afford to produce this amount considering this tough times due to pandemic situation. We get help from friend and relatives but still not enough to cover the said amount. My mother was just managing a small sari-sari store and and my siblings lost their jobs due to pandemic. I had to resigned from my work due to gestational diabetes during my pregnancy and now a full time mom.

in regards with this, we humbly ask for a certain amount of financial help with the hospital/medical expenses. Any amount of money that you can share will be greatly appreciated.

The financial assistance will be covering the over-all hospital bill (including all the treatment such as medicines, laboratory test, misc fee)

You can deposit your donations to thru my information here below

Acct Name: April Lynn Bague


Acct No. 2959 089 445


Acct No. 0043 7120 1256

GCash:09435277074... again, wed like to send our gratitude in advance . GOD bless

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